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This module is used to streamline the communication between the Equipment Reponsible Party and the workshops.


Workshops do the maintenance and repair of equipment. Those workshops are located all over the world. In most situations the is a lot of emailing and making phone calls to agree on what should be repaired and for which tariff.



  • all the communication in one central place
  • clear view to whom an Estimate Order is assigned to
  • version tracking, see all changes
  • cost calculation and registration
  • automatic notifications




Estimate Overview


3D Location Wizard    

Create Estimate

Open the estimates page and add a new estimate. Fill in the fields and save.

Estimate typeRepair
Labour costThis will come in handy when calculating total costs
Vendor  Party that rents out a container
Depot  One of the depot's of the vendor
Depot In DateDate the container has returned to the depot
Estimate date   The date costs are estimated
Master Resource TypeType of companies' asset which has been damaged
ResourceSpecific object which has been damaged
Resource layoutCategory of the object's type, filled in automatically after you fill in the Resource field.



Add estimate line

After you have saved the Estimate you are able to add an estimate line. Click on the add button and fill in the fields.

Repair type group is the group which contains the repair type
Repair Type is the type of repair that needs to be done

After filling in the Repair Sub Part you can click select certain parts of the container to indicate they are damaged. Once these parts of the container have been selected they are automatically added to the field Location code(s)

Ledger is where the costs of repair will be booked



Send Estimate for Approval

Click on the gearwheels in the topright corner of the screen. Select Send Estimate for Approval. The estimate made by the workshop will now be sent to there person who is responsible for the containers.



The container operator can now review the estimates made by the workshop. He can either cancel all, approve all or review all to determine which estimates lines he approves and which ones he declines.  

In the dropdown menu of the same gearwheels button click on review all.

We are going to accept the first, decline the middle and cancel the third. 

We decline the estimate line because we believe it shouldn't take that long. Click on the red X and fill in the amount of hours you ought the job to be and possibly state your reason. 

The estimate line is cancelled which means we do not want the workshop to fix it. 

By clicking on OK the estimate is sent back to the workshop.


The approved estimate line is then coloured green, the declined one yellow and the cancelled estimate line red. The workshop can then make a new propisition and send it back to container operater.







Set estimate to ready

Setting the estimate to ready means the workshop can start repairing.



Estimate Status Flow

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