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In this section you can manage Products and ADR.


Here Products can be managed. There are basically two types of products: normal products and dangerous goods with ADR.


When in Producttype Gevaarlijke goederen is selected, a list of extra ADR fields are available to be filled out.

In the ADR-field, the UN-number is selected. With this UN-number the following (hidden) ADR fields are assigned: Class, Cassification, Packing Group, Label, Tunnel Restiction Code and Limited Quantity

In weights the Gross and Nett weights of the Unit are filled out

Product Names (tab)

Products can be assigned different names for different purposes. Currently 4 Types are available: CUSTOMS, GENERAL, PROPERSHIPPING, TECHNICAL

Note: for the online Interface, a TECHNICAL name is used for the import

Note: for the column ADR-Info in the browser a PROPERSHIPPING name is used.

Dimensions (tab)

In the main screen under Unit you define the biggest handling unit of the product (e.g. box). Under Dimensions you can define the handling units that are contained in the biggest unit. E.g. Bottle

Relation Products (tab)

Under this tab you can link the product to a relation.

A product can be linked to multiple Relations and for each Relation you can define their:

Product Number, (Internal and maybe different) Product name and Product Name Type (See Product Names)

Product Compositions (tab)

When a product is made up of different items you can configure this here. E.g.: A Garden Set is composed of 1 Table and 4 Chairs.

Handling Units (tab)

Under this tab the current stock of this Product is shown:

Filters can be set on Location, Location Sub, Location Storage, Type and Level.

The default filter is the current subdivision of the Tenant, e.g. NBK WAREHOUSING

When clicking the Blue Activity Explicator a list of all activities are shown that concern the Handling Unit:

Action (Button)

The action Button has the options:

  • Change Handling Unit Owner: changes owner of one or more handling units.(currently: entire handling unit. No split)
  • In/Outtake Customer: creates a PDF of the intakes, outtakes or both of the product (currently: all products)
  • Create Stock Overview: creates a PDF of the current Stock of the product (currently: all products....) based on several filters.

Documents (tab)



This screen lists all ADR-codes and their parameters. This is a static list that shouldn't be changed 

Product Master Data


Product Types

In this screen you can manage Product Types table. 

Product Groups

In this screen you can manage the Product Groups table.

Dangerous Labels

In this screen you can manage the Dangerous Labels table.

Customs Good Codes

In this screen you can manage the Customs Good Codes table.

PH Levels


In this screen you can manage thePH Levels table.


ADR Master Data

In this section you can manage tables that are involved in the ADR database. It is advised not to change anything in these tables, since this is supposed to be a static database.



Classification Codes






Packing Groups


Packing Instructions


Special Provisions


Tank Codes


Transport Categories


Tunnel Restiction Codes






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