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Introduction Add/Delete HU After Customs Declaration

Incident is created when adding or removing goods to/from a dossier that already has a customs declaration.

When is Incident created?

After Add Handling Unit or Remove Handling unit. The dossier needs to have a non-cancelled customs declaration of one of the following types:

  • NCTS Departure
  • EMCS Departure
  • AGS Import
  • AGS Export
  • DMS Import
  • DMS Export

How to configure?

Create an active Incident Type with App Incident Type = ADD_DELETE_HU_AFTER_CUSTOMS_DECLARATION
Create Difference Type with App Difference Type = HU_ADDED_AFTER_CUSTOMS_DECL to create incidents when adding a Handling Unit
Create Difference Type with App Difference Type = HU_DELETED_AFTER_CUSTOMS_DECL to create incidents when removing a Handling Unit


TES-2052 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Explanation of most important fields