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Transport In & Out mobile is meant to register in- and outbound warehouse activities in the warehouse using mobile devices. The application can also be used to register relocations of already stored goods.


  • Inbound registrations
    • Adhoc dossiers
      • Create new Dossiers
      • Pre-notify
      • Create handling units
    • Inbound handling units
      • Select load units
      • Scan pallet labels
      • Set Goods in To Stock
      • Scan Location Storage label
    • Two pair of eyes principle for Forwarding
      • incident 'VALIDATE_HU_GOODS'
  • Transfer Handling unit
    • Scan pallet label
    • Scan Storage Location Label
  • Outbound registration
    • Adhoc Dossiers
      • Create new Dossier
      • Pre-Notify
      • Add Handling units from stock position
  • Add pictures to Dossiers

Page Card Setups

  • Overview: Transport in & Out Mobile
  • Load Unit: Selected Trans In & Out Mobile → Load Unit
  • Handling Unit: Selected Trans In & Out Mobile → Handling Unit


Add the following to a role.




2512 - Transport In & Out Mobile



How it works

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