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When you have contracts set up to Generate Revenue, it is not possible to manually add a Surcharge on the Generate Revenue.

On this page is described step by step how to add Surcharges in Contracts to be able to add Surcharge during the generation of Revenue. 


This example is written for Transport Contracts, but it is possible to add this to any type of contract.

  1. Open Transport Contracts
  2. Open a Transport Contract with Type: Sales
  3. Open the child tab Contract Surcharge
  4. Click on the (plus) icon
  5. Set the following information
    1. Status = Valid
    2. Surcharge Type: Add a Type
    3. Additional: This will determine if this Surcharge is added directly or needs to be added manually by ticking the box
    4. Validity: make sure there is a from date
    5. Type: Options are Amount, Percentage or External Amount
    6. Amount: Enter the amount (could be 0)
  6. Next time you Generate Revenue for this contract, a Surcharge will be available to add/adjust/select.

Another solution to pick a Spot Price instead of a Contract → This way you can manually add the Surcharge