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Release date: 25th of June 2018

We're pleased to present Adaption Release 6.2.5

Please, find below an overview of changes we made in Adaption. The most important changes are described. In the "All new features and improvements" part all single changes are listed.

Some highlights:

  • Quotation Request improvements
    • Extra features in the Spot price request process
      • Fixed time, fixed date, alternatives
      • Target price
      • Maximum price
    • Supplier selection extended with product groups, FTL/LTL, ...
    • Multi stops for Quotation Requests
    • Blacklisted transport companies for a Customer
    • White listed (preferred) transport companies for a Customer
    • Notification groups
    • Transport companies can maintain their own lanes via Supplier Portal
  • Maintenance & Repair improvements

Planning: Release 6.3 in october 2018

Some highlights:

  • Standard Transport Order interface
  • Tracking and tracing in portal on Dossier
  • Operational Management Reports
  • Rail booking 
  • Air booking
  • Maintenance & Repair improvements

  Follow us to keep up-to-date with the latest developments of Adaption and the Logistics Cloud Suite.


If you have any questions or remarks, please, let us know. Together we can make the best of it!

The Adaption Team






Table of Contents


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Pietwillem Overvoorde
Direct contact:


+31 (0)6 20857214


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Neem contact op voor gratis advies

Image RemovedSpecialist logistics software
Please contact us for free advice 



Quotation Requests

Make Spot Price requests to a set of suppliers.


  • Set a date/time when the request expires
  • Request dates can be strict or less strict:
    • Date/time specific
    • Date specific
    • Alternative dates
  • Prices:
    • Proposed price; to give an indication of the expected price
    • Maximum price
  • Remark
    • For extra request information for the suppliers
  • Documents
    • Add extra documents which will be available in the Supplier portal

  • Tariff Template (optional)
    • Depending on the Tariff Template the supplier has to fill in 1 total amount, or 1 or more additional costs


◘ Quotation Request


Supplier Lanes

Supplier lanes can be defined. those lanes will be used to give a list of possible suppliers who are capable of doing the requested transport.

  • Lanes, from/to location on different levels
    • Country
    • Region (BeNeLux, South of Germany, ..)
    • Cities
    • Zipcodes
  • Liquid / Packed
    • .. or other practical specialities
  • Product Groups
  • Shipping options
    • FTL
    • LTL
    • Parcel





◘ Define a Supplier Lane


Preferred Suppliers

Preferred Suppliers can be defined per customer, based on :

Lanes, from/to location on different levels

    • Country
    • Region (BeNeLux, South of Germany, ..)
    • Cities
    • Zipcodes

◘ Define a preferred supplier for a customer

◘ Preferred suppliers are 'highlighted' in Select Supplier logic



Blacklisted Suppliers

Blacklisted suppliers can be defined per customer, based on :

Lanes, from/to location on different levels

  • Country
  • Region (BeNeLux, South of Germany, ..)
  • Cities
  • Zipcodes

Those suppliers cannot be selected in the 'Select Supplier' and 'Send Quotation Request' processes.

◘ Define a blacklisted supplier for a customer

Multi stops

We have introduced the multistop functionality for the quotation Request module. This makes it possible to request spot prices for multiple collect & deliver stops.


◘ Quotation Request with multiple stops

Spot Price request Form

Added a lot of functionality to th eQuotation Request  form:

  • multi stops
  • add alternative prices for different collect/deliver dates and times
  • maximum price check
  • proposed price
  • access to added documents
  • ....

◘ Quotation Request Form

Responsible Person

It's now possible to define a Responsible Person for a Quotation and for a Dossier.


  • filter on Responsible Person
  • Notification are send to the Responsible Person and all Notification Group members
  • Change the Responsible Person transaction to hand over responsibility.
  • New responsible person will be notified

◘ Responsible Person for Quotation

Intermodal orders

A valuable development is the registration of closing and available data of a boat, train and plane. For example, during the planning, the closing and available data can be taken into account, so that a load is always delivered on time for further transport with a different modality.

◘ Vessel information

GDPR Compliant

To make our application GDPR-proof we have added an extra function. All data of a person or user can now be anonymised. In this way, data can no longer be traced to a person, but only to an ID number.

◘ Delete Person


Notification Groups


◘ Define a Notification Group

M&R Improvements

A number of improvements have been made for the M & R software. This mainly concerns a number of improvements in the Portal for third parties. For example, no version numbers are now shown with temporary versions. For the user this works much more pleasant because only version numbers are created when a version is definitive. Another innovation is the automatic display of the contact person on the estimate.

◘ M&R Estimate Line

Software Quality

Automatic Testing

We are testing our programs automatically. In this part you see the number of test cases which are running. Goal is to have all processes automatically tested. New functionalities and reported bugs will always be included in an automatic test case by extending an existing test case or making a new test case. With this overview we want to inform about the number of test cases we are running. It's a strategic choice to give this Automatic Testing our full attention. As our application is expanding and expanding it's impossible to test all different possibilities by hand and guarantee the quality our customers expect from us.

◘ Example of Test Case (partly)



All new features and improvements

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