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  1. Open a Dossier
  2. In the Dossier, open Actions menu (Cogwheels)
  3. Open Financial, Select Generate Revenue
  4. In the menu that opens, select the Activity you want to generate Revenue for
  5. Optional: Update/Adjust pricing
  6. Select OK
  7. Open Cost-Revenue
  8. Find the Revenue line you have just created
  9. Open Actions Menu (Cogwheels)
  10. Select Set to Process
  11. Right click the Revenue Line (for multiple Cost-Revenue lines in a Invoice, see: Finance - Add multiple Cost-Revenue Lines to a an Invoice)
  12. Select Generate Invoice
  13. Open Page Invoices
  14. Find the Invoice you want to generate and right-click this line
  15. Select Send Outgoing Invoice
  16. Select Invoice
  17. Send the e-mail
  18. Wait a couple seconds → Right click the Invoice
  19. Select Send to Financial Portal
  20. Click Ok
  21. Open Financial Invoices Portal
  22. Open the Actions menu (cogwheels)
  23. Select Send Files
  24. One of two thing will happen:
    1. Invoice is sent to the Portal (Unit4)
    2. You can download the file ready for upload (AFAS/Exact)


Step 1: Add Cost / Revenue,

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In Dossier, select the Cost-Revenue tab and add a Cost / Revenue. The C/R field determines whether it will be a cost or a revenue.

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When finished, the Status is: Open

Step 2: Revenues to process,

From the action button, select: Revenue to process.

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When done, the status is: To Process

Step 3: Generate Outgoing invoice,

From the action button, select: Generate Outgoing Invoice.

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When done, the status is: Invoiced

Step 4: Outgoing Invoices,

Go to Invoices, and select the invoice. The current status is Open. You can right click and select 'Outgoing Invoices' or edit the invoice and select 'Outgoing Invoices' from the action button.

A popup appears and select 'Invoice'.

A next popup appears and select 'Execute'.

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When done, the status is: Printed

Step 5: Send to Financial Portal

You can right click and select 'Send to financial Portal' or edit the invoice and select 'Send to financial portal' from the action button.

Go to Financial portal and see:

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