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Check Groups are checks that are done before a dossier is closed. This can be set up to prevent dossiers from being closed with incomplete information. 

Menu Path

  • Administration
    • Master Data - Admin
      • Check Groups

How to set up check groups

  1. Go to 'Check Groups'
  2. Click on Add
Check GroupThe name of the check group

The check group type. Possible values:

  • Dossier
ActiveDetermines if the check group is active

Check Lines

Check LineThe name of the check line
Check Line Type

The type of check that is done. Possible values:

  • Error: gives an error and prevents the dossier from being closed
  • Off: the dossier can be closed without warning or error, but the check is executed
  • Warn: gives a warning before the dossier is closed
Check Type Line

Sets up what the check line needs to check. Possible values:

  • Cost Available for Dossier Order
    • Check if costs have been added to the dossier
  • Goods invoice total amount does not equals goods amount
    • Checks if the invoiced amount is equal to the goods amount
  • Handling Units arrived for Dossier Order
    • Checks if the Handling Units on a dossier are arrived
  • Revenue Available for Dossier Order
    • Check if revenues have been added to the dossier