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Widgets can be added to either the Home or Interface pages. In these screens you can add modules, which are called Widgets.

In this section is a detailed Description of how to add a Widget to your Home or Interface page.

After that there is an explanation of the types and funcionality of the widgets.

Steps (Development)

  1. Open Home/Interfaces

  2. Click on the + Icon to add a Widget
  3. Select the Widget you want to Add

  4. Widget is now added to your Home/Interface Page

In LCS there are 2 types of Widgets

  1. The data upload drop zone where you can drag and drop csv file's the import data.
  2. The information Widgets these provide you with specific information.

The data information drop zone can be created due the edi jobs EDI Order

The information Widgets can de created due Dashboard block;

When you add a widget by the + button you wil get the list of predefined widgets.

after the chose and saving, you can add them to your home page by using the + button.