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1. How to add a Handling Unit to a Mixed Carrier using Transfer Handling Unit 

  1. Open the Handling Units List Page
  2. Right-Click on the Handling Unit
    1. Execute 'Transfer Handling Unit'
  3. Check the Checkbox 'Mixed Carrier'
    1. Note: Uncheck 'Complete Transfer' if only a part of the Handling unit should be Transferred to a Mixed Carrier
  4. Confirm with OK
  5. Check: Handling Unit Quantities Modal Page Opens
  6. Use the 'Load Carrier' LOV to add the Handling Unit to an existing Mixed Carrier
    1. Note: If no Mixed Carriers are Available LOV will not show
    2. Note: Only Mixed Carriers for the Goods Owner are shown
  7. Set the Quantities you want to add to the Mixed Carrier
    1. Note Quantities Field is only enabled if Complete Transfer = 'N'
  8. Confirm with Ok
  9. Result: The Selected Handling Unit is added to a new or already existing Mixed Carrier

2.How to Remove a Handling unit from a Mixed Carrier using Transfer Handling Unit

  1. Open the Handling Units List Page
  2. Right-Click on the Mixed Carrier you want to remove handling Units from
    1. Note: It might be needed to Change the Page Filter 'Type' to make the Mixed Carriers Visible
    2. Execute  'Transfer Handling units
  3. Uncheck the checkbox 'Complete Transfer'
  4. Confirm with Ok
  5. Select the handling unit you want to remove from the Mixed Carrier
  6. Confirm with Ok
  7. Check: The Checkbox 'Mixed Carrier' on the Handling unit Quantities is 'N' 
    1. Note: The Handling unit will be transferred from the Mixed Carrier using the Carrier Type of the Mixed Carrier.
  8. Result: The Handling unit is removed from the Mixed Carrier