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To be able to upload the Transport Contracts, the following needs to be available:

  • The Widget CONTRACT-ROAD 004 - REGION TO on 'Home' or Interfaces
  • Regions that contain the Zipcode
  • Upload template for CONTRACT-ROAD 004 - REGION TO.

1Set up the different Regions, to make it possible to link the contracts to the correct Region, this can be done in 'All Regions' in Adaption


Fill out the Contract Upload template with the pricing per Carrier/Region

  • Make sure to save the Template as a CSV document (comma seperated value)

3Open Home/Interfaces page, where the Widget for CONTRACT-ROAD 004 - REGION TO is set up
4Drag the Contract Upload Template on the CONTRACT-ROAD 004 - REGION TO widgetWait for confirmation that the upload has been done

Open EDI Jobs

  • Check here if the EDI Job for CONTRACT-ROAD 004 - REGION TO has status Processed

If status = Error Validating → open the EDI Job and check Event Logs

  • A detailed description will be shown on what is wrong

If status = Processed → the Transport contract has been generated

Error Validating:

6Open Transport Contracts

  • Check if the transport contract is available. Refresh if the page was already open.

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