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The Select Supplier option can be used to allocate a Supplier to an order. The most common examples are listed below:

  • Transport Order to a Transport Company
  • Vessel Order to a Vessel Operator
  • Rail Order to a Rail Operator

(warning) A Supplier is related to the logistic services they provide. so this is not the supplier of goods

When Purchase Contracts are available the system will automatically show a list of possible suppliers including the applicable costs.

When a Supplier is selected the applicable costs are create automatically

How to Select a Supplier





Rightclick the transport order and choose 'Select Supplier'

This shows a list of matching contracts and suppliers for the route

  • Can be set up in 'Transport Contracts'
2Select a supplier

'Vessel Operators' can be selected For 'Vessel Orders' 
'Charters' can be selected for Transport/Trucking orders

3Fill the cost line'Add Surcharge' can be used to add additional surcharges
4Click on 'Ok' to add the costsThe system will automatically show the 'To Do' for the bookingsdocument
5Click on the gear icon (Actions) in the top right of the dossierThis shows all the To Do's (actions/tasks) for this dossier 

Explanation of most important fields

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