ProcessDossier with Status 'Open'
  • To easily book Transports with a Air Operator
  • Inform Charter about a Transport Request  
Relation TypeSupplier/Air Operator

What is an Air Booking

An Air Booking is used to inform the Supplier on the specific air shipment. This booking contains the addresses of collection, delivery and unloading, but also contains the goods, specific instructions, due date, invoice information and much more.

How to create an Air Booking

In a Dossier you can have an Air Order, on this Air Order you can define the Collect, Deliver or Unload address and add a Charter or Supplier. After that you can send out the Booking report to the Contact person of this Charter or Supplier.

What can you adjust

It is possible to define what information is shown on the Booking. This can be done through 'Report Options' (Air Booking - Report Options).

You can also add Instructions, which can be created in Instructions Sets. They can later be linked to the Air Booking, this was you can inform the Supplier on what they need to do.

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