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Relations are used throughout the whole system. A Relation is a company where you are doing business with, e.g.:

  • sell your services to a Customer

  • sending an Outgoing Invoice to a Customer

  • setting up a quotation for a Prospect

  • purchase transport services from a Charter

  • getting an Invoice from a supplier

Customer, Supplier, Charter and others are Relation Types. This is one of the most important fields to define where a Relation can be used.

  • When a Relation is NOT a customer it's not possible to generate a Revenue or send an Outgoing Invoice for this relation

  • When a Relation is NOT a supplier it's not possible to generate a Cost or book an Incoming Invoice for this relation

  • When a Relation is NOT a Vessel Operator it's not possible to send a Vessel Booking to this relation

In the Logistics Cloud Suite there are also Locations.
Locations are the physical addresses where you are moving your containers, trucks, trailers, goods and others to.

  • Relations => Administrative flow

  • Locations => Logistics flow, see Locations for more information

How to Add a Relation

The steps below describes how to Add a Relation:

  1. Login to the Logistics Cloud Suite

  2. Search for the page 'Relations'

  3. Click on Add

  4. Fill in all relevant data (see the explanation below)

    • Relation Type determines if it is a Customer, Supplier, etc.

  5. Make sure Active is selected

  6. Click on Save 

Explanation of most important fields

Find below an explanation of the most important fields.



Relation Form
CodeThis is the code that is used when searching for the relation in the system
NameThis is the name of the relation
ActiveTo indicate whether the relation is active
P.O. Box
P.O. Box address information
Types / Groups / Others
Relation Type See Relations - Relation Types
Relation Groups
Currency The currency of the relation
LanguageThe language of the relation
Address information
Contact Date
Contact information
VAT NumberThe VAT number of the relation. This is needed for a correct VAT Determination
Enterprise Number
Chamber Of Commerce
External Reference
Change Goods Owner Allowed
Relations To - InternalDetermines to which relations it is possible to change goods to
Relations To - ExternalDetermines to which relations it is possible to change goods to
Warehouse Strategy
Storage Calculation Type
Mixed Carrier
Max. Carrier Height
Preferred Carrier unit