Regions can be used to specify certain geographical zones.


  • Benelux
    • Countries Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg
  • DE-11
    • Zip Code From: DE-11000
    • Zip Code To: DE-11999
  • UK County Berkshire
    • Country: UK / County: Berkshire
  • Europe
    • all countries in Europe

Regions can be used for the following:

  • Contract - to define transport agreements for certain lanes, e.g. from NL to DE-11
  • Customer Lanes - use regions to find the correct customer lane
    • transport in Europe => Road Transport Customer Lane will be found
    • transport to Argentina  => Sea Transport Customer Lane will be found

How to Add a Location

The steps below describes how to Add a Region:

  1. Login to the Logistics Cloud Suite

  2. Search for the page 'All Regions'

  3. Click on Add

  4. Fill in all relevant data (see the explanation below)

  5. Make sure Active is selected

  6. Click on Save 

Explanation of most important fields

Find below an explanation of the most important fields.

Region*This is the code that is used when searching for the region in the system
Region Display
Region Types

to make the region more specific to be used, it is possible, not mandatory, to add 1 or more Region Types:

Contract Specific:



Region LocationsThe 3rd name of the location
Region Ranges
Zip Code From
Zip Code To