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To set predefined suppliers for a quotation request there are multiple requirements and steps to follow.

Step 1

The first step is to make sure that a correct supplier lane is available in 'Supplier Lanes':

Example: all transport in the Netherlands (From: country NL - To: country NL), should be requested at Transporter A & Transporter B. These Transporters should be filled in 'Suppliers'.

Step 2
Set up the Relation, or in this case the Supplier:

Setting up Relations: Relations

Three relation types need to be added to the relation, in this case a supplier. 

  • Supplier;
  • Charter;
  • Web Portal Customer

Step 3
To make the supplier a preferred Supplier, another relation type can be added to the supplier:

  • Preferred Supplier

Step 4

Set 'create quotation request' to Yes on the scenario

Step 5

It is now possible to create a quotation request when using a right mouse click on the transport order.
When the User creates a new Quotation Request for any transport as noted in the Supplier Lane, the predefined Suppliers will be shown with extra information about he Supplier and its history:

Note: The (tick) is your Preferred Supplier and all others are the predefined Suppliers.

If it isn't clear yet or there is more help required, please contact our Support team through the Support Portal!