Customer Follow Up List

New prospects can be registered in the Customer/Prospect database. For a prospects you can save all kind of data:

  • Name, address, relation groups
  • Follow Up remarks, person and date
  • Contact Persons
  • Possible Sales Products, including scoring %
  • Ratings

In the Follow Up Overview you can make filters and highlights to have a good overview what the salespersons have on their desk.

◘ Follow Up Page

Follow Up Overview

Every contact moment can be stored as Relation Remark. In this way you build up a history of contact moments which can be accessed all time, everywhere.

◘ Contact Remark Overview

Quotation Overview     

Below the Customer/Prospect you can find an overview of all quotations offered to the customer including the actual status:

  • Open / Pending / Lost / Accepted / Cancel

Create Quotation

Fill in the needed data to make a Quotation:

  • Customer / Contact Person
  • Target margin
  • Transit Time
  • Requested Modalities
  • Type
    • Single: 1 sales price for 1 routing
    • Multi: multiple load unit types / multiple ports

Good information

  • Load unit (20ft, 40 ft, trailer, LCL, etc...)
  • Product info
  • Pallets, dimensions, volume, weight, loading meters

Transport data

  • Collect Location (address or zip code or city)
  • Deliver Location 


Find Sales Price

If you are using the Sales contract module you can generate the Sales Price using the Sales Tariff data. This is very useful if you have standard prices. The Quotator automatically suggest the Sales Price and applicable surcharges.

If there is no Sales Tariff available you can insert a sales Price manually or you can start calculating the cost and put a margin on it. See Calculate cost.

Send Quotation

When all data is entered and the Sales Price is determined a Quotation PDF can be generated. Depending on the configuration settings this document can be automatically emailed to the contact person of the customer or prospect.

◘ Example of Email

◘ Quotation PDF

Quotation Accepted

◘ Quotation is accepted

Quotation Lost

◘ Quotation is lost

Create Order

◘ Quote to Order

Calculate Cost

◘ Choose the best Supplier based on Purchase Contracts

Request Spot Price

Management Information