A Master Scenario consists of one or more scenarios. The Master Scenario is linked to an Order Type and determines the orders that are created when creating a Dossier. 

Some examples:

  • Intermodal Vessel Master Scenario with pre and post Trucking
    • 10 - Trucking - Load
    • 20 - Vessel
    • 30 - Trucking - Unload
  • Outbound Transport from Warehouse
    • 10 - Outbound
    • 20 - Transport

Explanation of most important fields

Find below an explanation of the most important fields.

App Master ScenarioPredefined Master Scenarios by Adaption
Master Scenario*Name of the Master ScenarioTip: number the master scenarios to make it easier to select the right master scenario in a dossier
Main ModalityMain Modality of the master scenario
To Do WorkflowRelated workflow which is linked to this Master Scenario
Order TypeFor which order types the master scenario can be selected
Order Sceen LayoutFor which Dossier Screen Layout this master scenario can be usedNote that the Order List is the prefered Lay-out
Order RegionFixed Layout (limited in flexibility)
Order ListShowing all related orders
Default Shipping OptionsThe shipping options that can be used in the scenario.
ActiveWhen the Master Scenario is active it can be used in Dossiers and Customer Lanes
SortingThe sorting of the scenarios
ScenarioThe scenarios that are used in the Master Scenario
Instruction SetsAdd Instruction Sets to the different scenariosSee Dossiers - Add Instruction Sets to Reports