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With the use of CSV files it is possible to upload multiple records at once. This prevents having to add records manually which saves a lot of time. 

On this page it is explained how to upload the Master Data and which Master Data Uploads are available.

Upload Cities

The system features a large database of cities throughout the world. Any missing cities can easily be uploaded using the Cities upload.

Upload Dossiers

With the Upload Dossier function, you can create Dossiers for specific order types, such as inbound, forwarding and outbound.

When the setup has been completed, the correct tables or lines will be mapped to the correct field in the Dossier.

Upload Locations

The Locations upload makes it possible to create multiple pre defined locations in one go. The Locations will be mapped to cities, countries, streets and much more.

Some of the fields for Locations are mandatory, so when filling out the form make sure all the required information is available.

Upload Location Subs

Per location you can define Sub Locations, this can be storage locations or Docks. With this upload you can easily create more Sub Locations in one go.

Upload Products

With the Product upload, you are able to upload multiple products at once. This will help when creating many products, as you don't have to create them one by one.

Information you can define varies from Product number to ADR to Relation specific products. 

Upload Relations

In the Logistics Cloud Suite, all types of Relations can be uploaded from one file. The relations can be pre defined with all information, including the address.

To make it easy, you can directly create Locations that are linked to a Relation as well.

Upload Zipcode

If you want to make sure that no incorrect Zipcodes are entered in the system, you can upload a list of zipcodes that you want to use in the system.