Add, edit or delete a Location Type

The steps below will aim on how to Add a Location Type, but on the same page the records can be added or deleted.

  1. Login to the Logistics Cloud Suite
  2. Search for the page 'Location Types'
  3. Click on Add
  4. Select an App Location Type (see the explanation below)
  5. Fill in the Location Type to own preferences
  6. Make sure Active is selected
  7. Click on Save 

Explanation of the Location Types 

App Location TypeExplanation
AIRPORTAirport - Location can be selected in an Air Order
CLDN PortLocation can be used in the CLDN interface
COLLECTLocation can be selected for an Order with Collect or Load activity
DELIVERLocation can be selected for an Order with Deliver or Unload activity
DEPOTContainer Depot - Location can be selected for pick-up and drop off empty containers
PORTSea port/inland port - Location can be selected in a Barge- and Vessel order as begin or end port
Portbase Container HinterlandLocation can be used to link in the Portbase specific records in EDI Locations
RAIL TERMINALRail Terminal - Location can be selected in an Rail Order
SEED EXCISE LOCATIONLocation can be used for Excise transports and the Customs Declaration EMCS
STORELocation can be used as a Warehouse to store goods
TERMINALLocation can be selected in a Trucking Order pick-up or drop-off
UIRR Terminal CodeLocation can be used in the HUPAC Interface