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Locations are the physical locations used in the system. Depending on the Location Type you can define a whole range of locations. Some examples are listed below.

  • Collect
  • Deliver
  • Port
  • Store (= Warehouse location)

Locations are used throughout the whole system. Some examples:

  • Collect and Deliver locations in Dossiers
  • Store locations in Warehouse module
  • Ports and Terminals in Vessel Orders

Hint: You can make your owns filters on the Locations List Page to show e.g. the Collect and Deliver locations. See Actions Menu#Filter how to make a filter.

See also other Location related pages:

How to Add a Location

The steps below describes how to Add a Location:

  1. Login to the Logistics Cloud Suite

  2. Search for the page 'Locations'

  3. Click on Add

  4. Fill in all relevant data (see the explanation below)

    • Location Type determines if the location is a Collect location, Deliver address, Port, Terminal or other location.

  5. Make sure Active is selected

  6. Click on Save 

Explanation of most important fields

Find below an explanation of the most important fields.

Location*This is the code that is used when searching for the location in the system
Name*The name of the location
Name 2The 2nd name of the location
Name 3The 3rd name of the location
Name 4The 4th name of the location
AttentionPerson of the location when sending documents
CountryCountry of location
ZIP codeFree text field for zip code
CityCity of the location
CountyCounty of the location
StreetStreet of the location
HousenumberHouse number of the location
Street 2Extra address information
Street 3Extra address information
GLNGeographical Location Number. An unique location identifier and part of the GS1 system
EmailEmail address for the location
Location TypeIndicates what kind of location it is, multiple options are possible. See Locations - Location Types
Use ExternalIf checked this location can be used by Portal Users
ActiveTo indicate whether the location is active
LatitudeLatitude of the address, execute process Get Geocode to get the the right value
LongitudeLongitude of the address, execute process Get Geocode to get the the right value