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Incoming Invoices can be registered in the system so that created cost lines can be matched with an incoming invoice. 

Registering Incoming Invoices

Incoming Invoices can be registered by searching for the page 'Invoices'

  1. Filter on Invoice Type 'Incoming'
  2. Click on + to register the Incoming Invoice

Explanation of the fields

1Invoice (Incoming)
2Invoice Kind (Invoice or Credit Invoice)
3Invoice Type 
4Creation User is filled in after saving the invoice
5Create Date 
6Export shows if the invoice has been send to the Financial Invoices Portal
7Exported shows if an export with the invoice has been made in Financial Invoices Portal
8The Relation Owner who received the invoice
9The Relation (Supplier) that send the invoice
10The Relation Invoice of the relation that has send the invoice
11The reference of the receiver of the invoice
12The reference of the relation that has send the invoice
13The invoice number of the invoice
14The payment reference of the invoice
15The status of the invoice
16The language of the invoice
17The legal invoice date of the invoice
18The book period of the invoice is determined by the legal invoice date
19The date the invoice has been received
20Check this checkbox if the invoice amount is including VAT
21The invoice amount excluding VAT
22The currency of the invoice
23The VAT Type of the invoice
24The total invoice amount that is not booked
25The total invoice amount that is not paid
26The payment term of the invoice
27The due date of the invoice. This date is automatically calculated based on the received date and the payment term.
28The payment status

Matching of cost lines to the invoice

When the incoming invoice has been registered and saved the page 'Open Costs Supplier' is visible. This shows all Cost lines of the supplier that have status 'To Process' and are not yet linked to an invoice. 

The cost line can be matced with the invoice by right clicking the cost line and selecting 'Book Cost On Invoice'.

When this is done the invoice can be refreshed. The value of the field 'Amount Not Booked' has been updated and will show 0 if the cost lines matches the invoice amount. 

Book the Invoice

Book the Incoming Invoice by selected the To Do 'Set Invoice Booked'. The status of the invoice will change to 'Booked'.