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EDI File Uploader

In order to upload XML orders we need to setup the dropzone on the interfaces page.

  • Open the Interfaces Page
  • Choose Add Widget
  • Select 'Order REST Interface'

Now you can drop the XML file with the order(s) to be uploaded in to the dropzone.


In this step the system generates an EDI Order based on the uploaded XML File.
When the XML file meets the requirements it should be processed without any issues.

When the EDI Job status is 'Error Processing' the Child page 'Event Logs' will list the error's.

EDI Order

When the EDI Job is processed succesfully an EDI Order is created which is a preview of the Dossier.
In case the XML File is complete and all information can be processed the EDI Order Status will be 'Processed'.
The number shown in the column 'Internal Id' matches the created Dossier.
In case the EDI Order Status is 'Error Validating' please see EDI Order - Error Validating

External message

Optional Step. 
In case the XML has been sent and no EDI Job has been created, External Messages can be checked to see if something is wrong with the sent XML File.

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