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What is a (Defined) To Do

In Defined To Do, the user can define what a To Do needs to do. There is a To Do to

  • Send a Report
  • Start a Process
  • A Manual To Do 
  • A Reminder 

Based on the Input in the Defined To Do the system will create a To Do the user can execute on a screen such as the Dossier Edit Page. A Defined To Do is different from a Process, in that you can define when it needs to be executed, if it can be reopened or who can execute the To Do.

An example of a To Do is closing a Dossier, which can only be executed once. In this example you can Define who may close the Dossier, how long it may take to close the Dossier and what the naming should be.

Another example is a Transport Booking, this is a To Do to send a Report. In To Do you can define the Report Options (what is shown/not shown on the Report), to who you want to send the Transport Booking, if the document needs to be replaced or if a second document needs to be generated on second sending and for what statuses the Transport Booking can be sent.

Important Fields

FieldPossible ValuesDescription
To Do Type

ManualSelf defined To Do, for instance a step in the Process to check Customs Status with another system. This is not a Process or Report within the system but more a reminder to execute something important
ProcessStart a Process in the system such as Close Dossier
ReminderSend out a Reminder for a Relation or User
ReportSend out Reports to Relations, such as a Transport Booking to Charters
ProcessList of all ProcessesIf the Defined To Do Type is Process, this List of Values will show all Processes. You can pick one Process you want to Define
ReportList of all ReportsIf the Defined To Do Type is Report, this List of Values will show all Report. You can pick one Report you want to Define
Defined To Do
Define the name of the Defined To Do
Save PDF of reportY/NA PDF version of the document will be stored when this to do is executed. When a reprint is done, this PDF will be used
Add attachmentsY/NMakes it possible to upload extra documents before executing the To Do 
Display as ActionY/NMakes it possible to see/not see the Defined To Do, if N, the Defined To Do can't be Executed
ActiveY/NSet the Defined To Do to Active or Inactive. Useful if a Report is not being sent at the time but needs to be enabled later
Show in Handover DossierY/NA Dossier can be handed over to another Employee, if this is Active, the new Employee of the order will know what To Do's have not been executed
Person Determination

Current Logged in UserAll Users can see the Defined To Do
Employee OrderOnly the User that is linked to the Order as Employee Order will see the Defined To Do
Incident TypeOnly used for Manual, this way the To Do will be linked to the Incident Type
Can be ReopenedY/NIf yes, you can Execute the To Do multiple times per order
Status Allowed<Statusses Tokenizer>

If the field is empty, it will be shown for all Statusses. If there is an entry such as Open, it will only be shown when the Order has status Open. It is possible to select multiple Statusses, so that it will be visible during these statusses

Example: Process: Close Dossier → Visible for Status 'Ready', to make sure you only see things you can do when it is possible

Simple Booking DataY/N

If yes, this will change the layout of the Booking to only show locations and minor Goods information

  • Note that this is only available for the transport booking
Report Options<Report Options Tokenizer>Reports are configurable, you can define per booking what needs to be shown/not shown. A description of specific Report Options can be found under the respective Report in the Wiki: Reports
Expire DaysNumbersEntry in this field defines after how many days the To Do will automatically be cancelled
Reminder DaysNumbersEntry in this field defined after how many days the To Do will sent out a Reminder to be executed

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