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There are four different statuses available in the system

Customs StatusDescriptionRemark
AGDExcise goods, declaration fees are paid, excise is not paidA licence is needed to store AGD products
EEGDeclared goods, all taxes (including excise) are paid
IVVDeclaration fees are paid, consumer tax is not paidA licence is needed to store IVV products
T1Non declared goods, no exice or tax is paidA licence is needed to store T1 products

To get from one Customs Status to another, you can use different Declaration Types. For more info on the Declaration Types, click on the link.

Adding Customs Statuses

If you want to add Customs Statuses to the system follow the steps below.

  1. Open Customs Statuses
  2. Click on +
  3. Fill in the page

    TypeType customs status
    Customs StatusName of the customs status
    DescriptionShort description of what the status means
    Label DescriptionShow how the status label must be displayed
    Manual UpdateIndicates if a status may be updated manually
  4. Click "Save"