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Customs Goods Codes, or HS-codes (Harmonized System) are international standardised codes used by customs to classify commodities.

These codes are mandatory for all import and export transactions.


You can add the customs goods codes to your products by selection, or all at once, using the "Generate All Customs Goods Codes" process.


  1. Open Custom Goods Codes

  2. Click on the "Actions" button in the top right corner

  3. Select "Generate All Customs Goods Codes"

  4.  On this screen you can select the codes you want to add.
    1. If you activate "Select All", the process will add all codes not previously added.

    2. TIP: By clicking on "Actions" you can adjust this screen to make searching easier 

  5. Click <Next>

  6. Choose product types for customs goods code
    1. In this screen you can pick the product types of wich you want to add the customs codes. 
      NOTE: the product types need tot be linked first.

  7. Click <Ok> to finish the process