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Currencies and Currency Rates can be maintained in the 'Currencies' menu.

Currency Rates can be defined below a Currency a can have multiple Valid From Dates.

Thorough the system there are 3 currencies calculated:

  • Currency of customer or supplier
  • Legal Entity Currency - this can be different if there are legal entities with a different currency, eg.g if you have a company in the UK (GBP) and in the Netherlands (EUR)
  • Global Currency - used to define the amounts in the overall group currency, e.g. the Head office is in Europe , so the global currency is EUR.

Explanation of most important fields

CurrencyThe code of the Currency

Sign of the currency

DescriptionDescription of currency
EU checkboxDefines if currency is part of the Eurozone

Currency Rate

CurrencyBase currency
Currency ToCurrency where the rate is valid for 
Currency RateCurrency rate
Date Valid FromThe starting date of the currency rate


CurrencyCurrency toCurrency rateDate Valid From




DateUsed Rate






No valid rate found