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Contracts in Adaption


Contracts are used to generate either cost or revenue in the Adaption Cloud Suite. 

The contracts will be linked to Activities, such as Collect, Deliver, Inbound or Customs Declaration. 


General Contract Information

Describe the fields in Contract


Transport Contract NumberReference that will be used throughout the Cost-Revenue
  • Open (New, not used)
  • Valid (Used for calculation)
CustomersSpecific customers that require this contract
Customer Groups
Contract Specific Relations
Contract Specific Groups

Creation User
Creation Date
Tariff Template
Terms and Conditions


Agreement Activities

Agreements can be based on Activity Types, such as Collect, Deliver, Unload. For each activity you can define where this will happen.


  • Collect - In Country NL
  • Deliver - In Zipcode 3066JH
  • Drop - In Region Europe

In the above example, there are three different ways of defining where the goods can be Collected, Delivered or where the Container needs to be dropped. 

The agreement is flexible in this way, so that you as a user can define for contracts what activity happens where.

  • Later when you use Select Supplier for a specific Transport, the Agreement for this will be found including the pricing or revenue.


What comes first, what comes last. You can define the sorting of the Activities
LocationLocation defined in the Master Data Location, such as Warehouse, Terminal or Rail Terminal
ZIP CodeZIP Code for the activity
CityCity that the activity is for

You can define a Region in the Master Data. In this region you can add ZIP Code, Locations, Cities, Countries and Countys. This functionality makes it possible to add multiple Locations and Location types to a single Region. This region can then be used for the Agreement activities.

CountryCountry for the Activity
Activity TypesTypes of activities that happen for a single row. You can have more than 1, such as Collect, Deliver, Unload and Inbound.

Agreement Validity

Agreements can have multiple quates depending on the amount of unites used.

example 1 pallet (the pallet is the unit) cost €25, 10 pallets cost €200 within the agreements of the contract.

this can be found:

Page: Tramsport Contracts

  • Childpage Agreements
    • Childpage Agreement Validity

Here you can add by the (plus) button

in this case the unit type is Ldm as in the agreement.

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