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Almost every page contains the following elements:

 Add a new record

 Close record without saving changes

 Delete record (CTRL + Delete)

 Close and save changes (CTRL + Shift + S)

 Save changes without closing the record (CTRL + S)

 Refresh records (F5)

 Action button which shows different processes when clicked (CTRL + E)


Opening a calendar

Some input fields require a date as input. A date can be filled in by pressing the calendar icon and selecting the right date. It is also possible to fill in the date manually. The user can use the hotkey CTRL + D to fill in the current date in the field. If a user only fills in the day, for instance 01, the field will auto fill itself with the chosen day and the current month and year. 

Next to the date, it is possible to fill in the time. To fill in the current type, the user can use the hotkey CRTL + R. If the user types a number in this field, for instance 5, the field will auto fill itself with a time that start with this number (5:00). If the user clicks on a time field, an option to select the time will appear. The 'Hour' and 'Minute' slider can be used to fill in the desired Hour and Minute. 

Choosing a value from a list

 Some fields have the option to choose a value from a list. This option is indicated by an arrow that points downwards. 

 The list will be opened once this button is clicked. A value from this list can be selected and the field will be filled in.

 Clicking this button will delete the value from the list. 

A list can also be opened by clicking on the desired field and pressing the hotkey F8. 

If a field has to be filled in and the list values are known, the first characters from the value can be filled in and can be complemented using the TAB key. 

Shortcuts processes

Shortcuts can be created for processes. Please note that shortcuts can only be set-up by administrators. 

These shortcuts can be selected by clicking on them or by using the following hotkeys:

  1. Process 1: CTRL + Shift +1
  2. Process 2: CTRL + Shift +2
  3. Process 3: CTRL + Shift +3
  4. Process 4: CTRL + Shift +4
  5. Process 5: CTRL + Shift +5