The Adaption application uses basic application elements to make sure that the user can use the application in an efficient and logical way. 


Help Button

The help button can be found on the top right of the screen. A user can press this button to receive more information about icons and shortcuts, as is shown in the picture to the right.


Next to the help button is the favorite button. A user can use this button to add the current page to their favorites. If the page is added to their favorites, it will appear on the top of the menu.  

Opening a record

There are three different ways in which a record can be opened. 

  1. Press the edit button next to a record.
  2. Double click on a record.
  3. Click the record with your right mouse button and select the edit option.


The notification icon can be found next to the favorite button. A user can click this button to view all the notifications that are destined for them. 

My To Do's

Next to the notification button there are three colored boxes. These represent the open To Do's of a user. 

  • The red box shows how much to do's with a high priority are open.
  • The orange box shows how much to do's with a medium priority are open.
  • The green box shows how much to do's with a low priority are open. 

Pressing one of these boxes will open a page which shows the To Do's of the chosen priority. The To Do's can be opened and executed from this screen. 

A user can also right click on a record to get an overview of available To Do's for that record. The list as can be seen on the picture on the right will appear. The To Do's are represented by the white boxes. When a To Do has been executed, a green check mark will appear in the box. 

Multiple To Do's can be executed at once with the option 'Execute Multi To Do's'. This option can be found by right clicking a record and scrolling down in the list. 

The To Do's of that records will appear and can be selected. The selected To Do's can be executed by pressing 'Ok'.

Add documents

It is possible to add documents to a dossier in the Dossiers tab by right clicking and scrolling down on the pop-up list. The option to add a document is on the bottom of this list, as shown on the picture on the right. When a user clicks on this option, the following screen will appear:

There are two ways of adding documents with this screen:

  1. Clicking on 'Drop files here'. This will open a file explorer and the user can select a file from their computer.
  2. Dragging a file to the 'Drop files here'box. 

If a file is selected it will appear in the document list. More files can be added through the same steps. the files can be uploaded by pressing 'Ok'.

The uploaded files can be found in the tab 'Documents'. 

Switch Owner

It is possible for a user to switch Tenant (Owner). To do this, navigate to the user icon in the top right of the screen. When the user clicks on this icon, a drop down menu will appear. To switch Tenant, click on the option 'Change owner'. A list of environments linked to the user will appear and the user can select the desired environment. 

Each page has a search bar at the top of it. This search bar allows the user to search in the current page. A drop down menu will appear if the user clicks on the magnifying glass. The user can select which column needs to be searched from the existing columns. It is also possible to search in all available columns by selecting the option: 'All Columns'. 

Sorting Columns

If a page displays a list with different columns, it is possible to sort these columns. To do this, click on the column title. The menu, as shown on the right, with the following options will appear:

  • Sort Ascending: sorts the column in an ascending fashion
  • Sort Descending: sorts the column in a descending fashion
  • Delete Column: Deleted the column from the list
  • Insert Break: Inserts a break between every record of the list