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As a financial user you don't want to manually add all of the Cost-Revenue one by one to a single or multiple Invoices.

In the Cost-Revenue screen there is a way to set multiple Cost-Revenues Lines into a single or multiple Invoices.

  • The system will create one or multiple Invoices depending on:
    • Break -> If a Break is entered, it will create multiple Invoices based on this information:
      • Order: Invoice per Dossier
      • Reference: Invoice per Reference
      • Single: One Invoice per One Cost-Revenue Line
    • Period → If a Period is entered, it will create one Invoice per Period (Break is stronger, so if there is a break per Order, it will not create a single Invoice with months)


To create (multiple) Invoice(s) from Multiple Cost-Revenue Lines, please follow steps below.

  1. Open Cost-Revenue
  2. On the top-right, open the cogwheels
  3. Select: Set Status Open to To Process

    To process means, that the Cost-Revenue lines have been checked and can be Invoice
  4. Select Ok on the page that opens, this will set all of the Cost-Revenue Lines to 'To Process'
  5. Next step is to Generate Invoices, to do so Open the cogwheels on the top-right
  6. Select Generate Invoice
  7. Set the following Information

    1. Invoice Type: Ingoing/Outgoing (Ingoing is Invoice by Supplier, Outgoing is Invoice for Customer)
    2. Type: Order/Project (not mandatory)
    3. Relation: Relation that is linked to the Cost-Revenue that you want to generate the Invoice for
      1. It is recommended to Generate Invoices per Relation
    4. Date: Invoice creation date
  8. Based on the Invoice Types per Relation you can create a Monthly Invoice for all Orders in that month, or create one Invoice per one Order
  9. Under the column 'Invoice' in Cost Revenue, you will find the linked Invoice to that Cost-Revenue