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Activity Types are the base for defining Scenarios and Master Scenarios.

Example: For a Trucking scenario you have 3 Activity Types:

  • Pickup of Container
  • Load or Unload of the Container
  • Drop Container

Normally this will be configured during the implementation phase and not changed anymore.

Transport related Activity TypesDescriptionExamples

Begin of an Intermodal Transport

  • departure of a Vessel
  • departure of a Train
  • ...
ENDEnd of an Intermodal Transport
  • arrival of a Vessel
  • arrival of a Train
  • ...
COLLECTActivity to collect goods
DELIVERActivity to deliver goods
PICKUP CONTAINERActivity to pickup a Container
LOADActivity to load a Container
UNLOADActivity to unload a Container
DROPActivity to drop a Container

Warehouse related Activity TypesDescriptionExamples

Begin of an Inbound Warehouse Order

PUT AWAYEnd of an Inbound Warehouse Order

PICK UPBegin of an Outbound Warehouse Order
OUTBOUNDBegin of an Outbound Warehouse Order
SPLIT PICKActivity Type used when splitting an Handling Unit
SPLIT PUTActivity Type used when putting splitted Handling Unit on a Storage Location
EXTRA PALLETActivity Type for extra pallets
REMOVED CARRIERActivity Type for removing pallets
Other Activity Types

Value Added ServicesActivity Type for Value Added Services
CUSTOMS_DECLARATIONActivity Type used for Customs Declarations
ESTIMATEActivity Type used for Estimates in Maintenance  & Repair module
RENTALActivity Type used for Rental

How to Add an Activity Type

The steps below describes how to Add an Activity Type:

  1. Login to the Logistics Cloud Suite

  2. Search for the page 'Activity Types'

  3. Click on Add

  4. Fill in all relevant data (see the explanation below)

  5. Click on Save 

Explanation of most important fields

Find below an explanation of the most important fields.

Activity Type


App Activity TypeLogic in the system is depending on the App Activity Type
Activity TypeName of Activity Type can be changed to your own way of working
Show on InvoiceDefines if the Activity Type will be shown on the Invoice Details
DefaultDefault Activity Type