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Accessing the help desk

To login to the help desk open your web browser and enter the following URL: 

After entering this link, the login screen as shown on the left will appear. You can login with your login details.

  • Username: your username (email address)
  • Password

Choose the option: 'Forgot your password?' if you have forgotten your password.

Choose the option: 'Sign up for an account' if you wish to sign up for an account. You will need an email address and enter the verification. 

The service desk

When you have logged in to the service desk, the screen on the left will appear. The screen has several options that you can choose. 

  • The search bar
  • The requests button
  • Your profile

The different support options are:

  • Request For Change
  • Report An Issue
  • Get Help
  • Request A New Account

Your profile

You can access your profile by clicking the icon on the top right of the screen. You have the option to log out or to go your profile. Click on 'Profile' to access your profile page. 

On this page you have several options.

  • Edit your profile:

Click on this option if you wish to edit your profile. With this option you can change your avatar, change your name, select a language and change your timezone. 

  • Change password:

Click on this option if you wish to change your password.