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Menu: Administration → Security - Admin → User roles

In this screen the user roles can be set up.

A user role is a pre-defined group of screens, processes, reports and interface where a user has acces to.

On every screen the following rights can be set: create / update / delete / read

Copy User Roles

It is also possible to copy user roles from another user.

  • Go to Administration → Security - Admin → Users
  • Choose the user where you want to copy the rights from
  • Right click on the user and choose 'copy user roles'

A part of the security in the application is setting up roles.

This can be done by adding a new role and assigning pages and processes to that role.

There are 4 levels of rights you can grant to a page:

C = Create (the user can create new records)

R = Read (the user can read the existing records)

U = Update (the user can update the existing records)

D = Delete (the user can delete the existing records)

Next you can assign users to a role. The users assigned to a role will have access on the pages and processes that were setup for that role.

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