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This test should  be done in Adaption Demo | Adaption Forwarding

Make a quotation

Using the  button you can make a new quotation.


Select the customer, the product with its specifications, pallets, volume and the pick up location and destination. 

If everything is filled in correctly click on the save button

In the top-right corner (just above 'Load Unit') multiple handling units can be added using the add button


Add route

Click on the add button in the tab 'Routings' which can be found at the bottom of a quotation. 

Fill in the new routing form below and click on the save button 

After you click on the save button the routing appears on the right of the form. You can adjust the routing and add locations via 'Edit Routing Activities'.


Generate cost

Right click a routing and select Generate Cost.

Choose various costs

After you've chosen the costs, now right click on the routing and click on Select Routing

The margin of 15% which we selected is automatically used for each price.


Now select Quotation under the droplist in the top-right corner. 

Click on execute and quotation 000097 is made.


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