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In the same Actions, the costs can be processed as well.In the same Actions, the costs can be processed as well.In the same Actions, the costs can be processed as well.

In the same Actions, the costs can be processed as well.

In the same Actions, the costs can be processed as well.



This module contains all possible logistics orders and planning.

Creating a new Dossier

To create a new Dossier, open tab "Dossiers" and click on the add button:

Afterwards there will be two options available to choose to create the correct lay-out

  • Order List (complete overview, but without options for warehousing)
  • Order Region (more scenario's possible and more handling units possible, which will be added after creating the Dossier)

Order List

The overview of the Order List is used to complete the full order in a few steps.

The following scenario's are mostly used

  • ...

After saving (without closing) the Dossier will ask to Generate the scenario, which will be shown as followed:

Order Region

The Dossier with a Order Region lay-out, seems a bit less complete. Yet, the container- and product details will be asked after creating the Dossier itself:

After completing, the handling unit needs to be created, followed by the products/quantities:

With the Order Region, the following Dossier will be shown:

Edit/update Dossiers

In the tab "Dossiers" an Dossier can be edited by click on the pencil as shown below:

The following screen will pop-up:

Handling Units in Order

In the overview, right top of the Dossier page, the Handling Units does pop-up. By the right-mouse button, they can be edited or the To-Do's can be used:

All Orders (tab)

If the 'All Orders' tab is open, we can see all activated logistics services which can be requested, filled and planned. By using this overview we can see the timeline of the goods (Vessel - Transport - WH).

Vessel Orders (tab)

Displays Vessel Orders only 

Trucking Orders (tab)

Displays Trucking Orders only 

Warehouse Orders (tab)

Displays Warehouse Orders only 

Transport Orders (tab)

Displays Transport Orders only 

Cost-Revenue (tab)

Displays all costs and revenues based on the Dossier

Invoices (tab)

Displays the created invoices based on the Dossier

To Do (tab)

Under this tab, all To-Do's will be shown in chronicle order. The processed To-Do's will be shown as well.

Documents (tab)

In this tab people can add important documents, which are based on the Dossier. At the right top corner, they files can be dropped as wel: 

Audits (tab)

All new content creation will be shown by which Creation User this information is added.

Action (button)

To use the To-Do's in the Dossiers, we can click on the Actions(options) icon in the top right corner above the Handling Unit:

Dossier Cover (ToDo)

If needed, the Dossier Cover can be made, which will be received as followed:
(note, the document can be previewed before sending it)

Pre-Notify (ToDo)

When the deliver date is known, the pre-notify can be send to the customer of warehouse:

Quotation request (ToDo)

In the To Do overview we can send out multiple quotation requests, for all sorts of transport. For example a container request or a trucking request:

After the supplier replied with his tariff, it can be updated under the tab 'Quotation Requests Out':

Select Supplier (ToDo)

Due the Forwarder can send the quotation request to multiple suppliers, this overview can be found after completing all available requests:

Transport Order (ToDo)

If the transport can be booked, the Transport Order can be send:

Execute Multi ToDo's (process)

If we select the Execute Multi To Do's, , then the following screen will pop-up:

Change Order Status (process)

When a process is ready or needs to be cancelled, it can be changed by right-click on the specific order:

Handover Dossier (process)

If a Dossier can be switched between different Owners, a Handover Dossier can be added. In the customer's pool, there can be different owners who are available to take over a specific Dossier. This option can be found with the Actions button.

Generate ToDo (process)


Revenues to Process (process)

When the open Revenues needs to be processed, all open revenues can be processed here:

Costs to Process (process)

In the same Actions, the costs can be processed as well.

Generate Revenue (process)

In the same Actions, the revenue can be generated.

Generate Outgoing Invoice (process)

In the same Actions, it is possible to Generate the invoice.

Close Dossier (process)

When everything is done, 

Handling Unit

When creating an (in specific) import Dossier, the user is requested to enter the Handling Unit details and the product details. This information will be grouped and shown in the upper right corner:

This Handling Unit overview can contain multiple parent Handling Units and multiple child Handling Units.

Set Handling Unit Arrived

When the parent Handling Unit is arrived, it is possible 

Change Customs Status


Add Handling Unit


Close Handling Unit


Copy Handling Unit


Adjust Handling Unit



Trucking Orders




Planning Transport & Trucking


Handling Units



Planning - More Info


Plan Resource


Plan Resource Activity


Master Data - Orders


Master Data - Planning


Resource Capabilities


Plan Resource Groups


Master Data - Warehouse


Location Sub





Master Data

Activity Types: Activity types will not be inserted in this module but are needed for the scenario.

Activity type are collect (ophalen), deliver (afleveren), inboud (inslag), outbound (uitslag), pickup (pick), put away (put)


For the warehouse module four scenario's are needed. These scenario's are used to know the connection between the crossdock order and the warehouse order.

The cross dock order is used for the goods from outside (load address) to the warehouse or from crossdock to unload address.

The warehouse order is used to put/pick the goods from the warehouse.

  • Inbound
    • Inslag / Put 
  • Outbound
    • Pick / Uitslag 
  • Laden
    • Ophalen / Lossen 
  • Lossen
    • Pick / Uitslag 





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