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The process of incoming invoices is to first add costs to a dossier. Then register the incoming invoice. Match the invoice to the costs. Book the invoice

Step 1: adding costs to a dossier

In Logistics - Dossier, select the Cost-Revenue tab and click Add. 

The Relation-field is the Relation that sent the incoming invoice. This Relation must have been created under Relations and must be a supplier.

When filled out you get the next overview. Rightclick the line and select Set To Process (Or from the top Action Button: Costs To Process.)

Step 2: Register the incoming invoice

In Finance - Invoices, select typ: INCOMING. Then click Add.

Also here the Relation is the Relation that sent the invoice.

Legal Invoice No is their invoice number.

Step 3: Match costs to incoming Invoice

When done and saved you get the following tabs:

Under the Open Costs Supplier tab you get a list of costs that have not yet been matched to an incoming Invoice. Select a matching cost to see the details.

When you have the right Cost, rightclick and select Book Cost On Invoice.

You need to refresh the page to update it. When Amount Not Booked is zero, the Incoming Invoice is matched.

Step 4: Book the incoming Invoice

From the action button select Set Invoice Booked.


Step 5: Export incoming Invoice

From the action button select: Send to Financial Portal.

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