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To use this feature we need to install a "Two-factor authentication" tool like Google Authenticator (

To Activate this feature we need to have the following process "Display Authentication Token" available, this can be found at the user menu.

You need to open the App on your mobile, and this will show the following screen:

Click on start to begin, and select in Adaption the menu option  "Display Authentication Token", when this is executed for the first time the system will show the following screen:

use the option Scan a barcode in the app.

This will automaticly add the new account into you App.

Now press Ok in the adaption Application, and log out of adaption

When you now login again with your username, the system will ask for an extra token

Use the 6 numbers that the app is showing to login, please note that behind the numers you see a small cirkcel thats slowly will be gone, at the end a new token will be shown.

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