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Go to administration --> security admin --> users 

Insert new user 

Field Explanation

  • password: Autogenerated and rules need to be followed
  • Ip check: This makes it possible to reject a user to work from home. Ip block: if user is not at the office it cannot work at home
  • Admin; User has administrative rights and is able to create users

Processes on screen

Change password

With this command the password can be changed

Copy user Rules

With this command the user roles of another user can be copied

More information in: Setting up user roles

Create employee

create a new employee

 Tabpages on screen

User relation owners: which owners (legal entities or 'bv' (dutch) has the user access to

User roles: the roles of the user

user login History: History of all login moments

Screen filters: Which screen filter does the user user

User Roles

Each user need pre defined user roles to know which rights he has on pages, reports, processes and interface.

For each page the following right can be defined: create/update/insert/read

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