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Release date: 25th of June 2018

We're pleased to present Adaption Release 6.2.5

Please, find below an overview of changes we made in Adaption. The most important changes are described. In the "All new features and improvements" part all single changes are listed.

Some highlights:

  • Quotation Request improvements
    • Extra features in the Spot price request process
      • Fixed time, fixed date, alternatives
      • Target price
      • Maximum price
    • Supplier selection extended with product groups, FTL/LTL, ...
    • Multi stops for Quotation Requests
    • Blacklisted transport companies for a Customer
    • White listed (preferred) transport companies for a Customer
    • Notification groups
    • Transport companies can maintain their own lanes via Supplier Portal
  • Maintenance & Repair improvements

Planning: Release 6.3 in october 2018

Some highlights:

  • Standard Transport Order interface
  • Tracking and tracing in portal on Dossier
  • Operational Management Reports
  • Rail booking 
  • Air booking
  • Maintenance & Repair improvements

  Follow us to keep up-to-date with the latest developments of Adaption and the Logistics Cloud Suite.


If you have any questions or remarks, please, let us know. Together we can make the best of it!

The Adaption Team










Quotation Requests

Make Spot Price requests to a set of suppliers.


  • Set a date/time when the request expires
  • Request dates can be strict or less strict:
    • Date/time specific
    • Date specific
    • Alternative dates
  • Prices:
    • Proposed price; to give an indication of the expected price
    • Maximum price
  • Remark
    • For extra request information for the suppliers
  • Documents
    • Add extra documents which will be available in the Supplier portal

  • Tariff Template (optional)
    • Depending on the Tariff Template the supplier has to fill in 1 total amount, or 1 or more additional costs


◘ Quotation Request


Supplier Lanes

Supplier lanes can be defined. those lanes will be used to give a list of possible suppliers who are capable of doing the requested transport.

  • Lanes, from/to location on different levels
    • Country
    • Region (BeNeLux, South of Germany, ..)
    • Cities
    • Zipcodes
  • Liquid / Packed
    • .. or other practical specialities
  • Product Groups
  • Shipping options
    • FTL
    • LTL
    • Parcel





◘ Define a Supplier Lane


Preferred Suppliers

Preferred Suppliers can be defined per customer, based on :

Lanes, from/to location on different levels

    • Country
    • Region (BeNeLux, South of Germany, ..)
    • Cities
    • Zipcodes

◘ Define a preferred supplier for a customer

◘ Preferred suppliers are 'highlighted' in Select Supplier logic



Blacklisted Suppliers

Blacklisted suppliers can be defined per customer, based on :

Lanes, from/to location on different levels

  • Country
  • Region (BeNeLux, South of Germany, ..)
  • Cities
  • Zipcodes

Those suppliers cannot be selected in the 'Select Supplier' and 'Send Quotation Request' processes.

◘ Define a blacklisted supplier for a customer

Multi stops

We have introduced the multistop functionality for the quotation Request module. This makes it possible to request spot prices for multiple collect & deliver stops.


◘ Quotation Request with multiple stops

Spot Price request Form

Added a lot of functionality to th eQuotation Request  form:

  • multi stops
  • add alternative prices for different collect/deliver dates and times
  • maximum price check
  • proposed price
  • access to added documents
  • ....

◘ Quotation Request Form

Responsible Person

It's now possible to define a Responsible Person for a Quotation and for a Dossier.


  • filter on Responsible Person
  • Notification are send to the Responsible Person and all Notification Group members
  • Change the Responsible Person transaction to hand over responsibility.
  • New responsible person will be notified

◘ Responsible Person for Quotation

Intermodal orders

A valuable development is the registration of closing and available data of a boat, train and plane. For example, during the planning, the closing and available data can be taken into account, so that a load is always delivered on time for further transport with a different modality.

◘ Vessel information

GDPR Compliant

To make our application GDPR-proof we have added an extra function. All data of a person or user can now be anonymised. In this way, data can no longer be traced to a person, but only to an ID number.

◘ Delete Person


Notification Groups


◘ Define a Notification Group

M&R Improvements

A number of improvements have been made for the M & R software. This mainly concerns a number of improvements in the Portal for third parties. For example, no version numbers are now shown with temporary versions. For the user this works much more pleasant because only version numbers are created when a version is definitive. Another innovation is the automatic display of the contact person on the estimate.

◘ M&R Estimate Line

Software Quality

Automatic Testing

We are testing our programs automatically. In this part you see the number of test cases which are running. Goal is to have all processes automatically tested. New functionalities and reported bugs will always be included in an automatic test case by extending an existing test case or making a new test case. With this overview we want to inform about the number of test cases we are running. It's a strategic choice to give this Automatic Testing our full attention. As our application is expanding and expanding it's impossible to test all different possibilities by hand and guarantee the quality our customers expect from us.

◘ Example of Test Case (partly)



All new features and improvements

1As a calculator user i want also the option to find Supplier LanesCalculator
2As a Quotator i would like to extend the calculation engine so that i will have more optionsCalculator
3Give a Business Consultant more possibilities to add APP data to a tenantConnectivity - Connector
4App Edi Definition Setup Definition IN not workingConnectivity - Connector
5We would like to upgrade the relation in/out adaptor to make it more flexibleConnectivity - Connector
6Option for spot price for Create CostsFinance
7Cost Revenue page - When changing from an 'Intercompany Supplier' to a normal supplier the type is not changed back to NORMAL - it stays INTERCOMPANYFinance
8Licence Contract - make it possible to calculate and invoice the number of Quotes with 1 or more Quotation RequestsFinance
9After executing Cancel Invoice on a Credit Note the original Invoice still has status CreditedFinance
10When a Dossier (order list) is handed over from an Online Customer and i open this we want to auto show the select customer lanesForwarding
11Check if amount is not 0 or empty for selected surcharge in cost/rev generationForwarding
12Reference own when using customer lanes is not copied to the transport orderForwarding
13As a revenue calculator i would like the tooltip of the revenue to be changed to make it possible to read all data in the generate revenue screenForwarding
14Update CMR not to show net weight 0 kg when product type is Dangerous goodsForwarding
15Set Handling Unit Arrived - id_hu field is shownForwarding
16As I user I want the complete reference printed on the booking confirmationForwarding
17As a forwarder i would like the option to registrate the available date of a vessel/voyage/trainForwarding
18When editing Transport Order used in Trip, update that Trip data accordinglyForwarding
19Clear locations not in LOV on dossier for external user with multiple companiesForwarding
20Add Truck Type, Container Type to Contract Tooltip in Select Supplier screenForwarding
21As a Declarant i would like to have some changes to the customs overviewForwarding
22As a user i would like some the current messages to go to the responable user/ group Forwarding
23As a Forwarder i would like to name of the product to be correclty shown when using Adjust HUForwarding
24Add pixel details to the header and footer of each reportForwarding
25As a user i would like a default document type when uploading a document to a dossierForwarding
26As a Forwarder i would like to change the close order processes so that i don't need to setup a dossier coverForwarding
27As a forwarder i would like the option to calculcate my cost/revenue based on KMForwarding
28As a Administrator i would like the system to create an audit records when a user is set to inactive / blocked on tenant level or sys level so that i know who when did thisFramework - Security
29Remove the Role Region pages and tablesFramework - Security
30Create user/date and Audits on RolesFramework - Security
31Process Review Previous Version is not working okay Maintenance and Repair - Estimate
32Add Audits when creating a temporary versionMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
33Don't show new Version number for temporary versionsMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
34As reviewer i would like a repair order Confirmation to be generated and send when i accept the repair so that there is document of itMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
35Add Contact Person Customer to EstimateMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
36Show error message and not a notification when Estimate is set to Pending AuthorisationMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
37Flow not correct when recalling an estimateMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
38Upgrade creations of roles to show better message to the end userMaster Data - Administration
39Numberrange - mandatory fieldsMaster Data - Administration
40When setting a defined todo from process to manual the process field is not cleared Master Data - Administration
41Add menu option All Audits with table filteringMaster Data - Administration
42As a administrator i would like the system to auto activate a new created user so that i can not forget thisMaster Data - Administration
43it should be made possible to setup the sub report translationsMaster Data - Administration
44As an user I only want to see the app ADR data which is relevant for my tenantMaster Data - ADR
45Plato field in product: allow entering 1 decimalMaster Data - Product
46getting error mail when country is blank and zipcode is enterd in a relationMaster Data - Relation
47Web Portal Users detail page - Roles Tokenizer values not all visibleMaster Data - Relation
48As a cloud application we need to apply to complaint to the General Data Protection RegulationMaster Data - Relation
49When a Duplicate Order Type is added give a propper messageMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
50As a user i dont want the send by to be shown for screen so that i don't see strange dataMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
51Move Parcel weight on Quotation to the rightQuotation
52when a Multi quotation is saved and no lanes are possible you can select a scenario, only one routing is createdQuotation
53Change Quotation report to have an new report message "Valid Till"Quotation
54Make separate Menu option for Supplier LanesQuotation
55When deleting quotation also delete handling unitQuotation
56Quotation Detail page - right mouse on parent HU in tree (Edit and Copy) has link to Rental OrderQuotation
57Quotation Type LOV in Quotation - add Voyage Locations checkbox columnQuotation
58Check why Modalities and ZIP codes are not greyed out after external user requests price in the quotationQuotation
59Customer Lane - Routing page - remove Edit Order / Copy Order options from right mouse clickQuotation
60Quotation detail page- From/To Voyage locations layout not correctQuotation
61As a Quotator i would like an Notfication group to be setup and linked to a person, so that i can send notifications to a groupQuotation
62As a Quotator i would like to setup some defaults on the Quotations so i have a better screenQuotation
63Quotation Type - when changing the Quotation Type the Shipping Options are not uncheckedQuotation
64Add Dossier Upload Improvements 6.3Quotation
65As a Quotator i would like a To Do to Accept the quotation so that i have a better overview what to doQuotation
66As a quotator I don't want an empty supplier record linked to a manually created routingQuotation
67As a Quotator I should not be able to create a dossier on a multistop quoteQuotation
68As a Quotator i would like a Responsible person in a quotation so i know who will be informed about any changesQuotation
69As a quotator i would like the option to add multi stops when an Full Load Quotation Routing is createdQuotation
70As a Quotator i would like a process to hand over responsibility to another personQuotation
71Quotation Request Out - update of unit results in an extra Price LineQuotation - Requests
72As a Quotator i would like also my goods information to be shown in a Quotation requestQuotation - Requests
73Supplier Lane - make a configurable prompt for the Calculation Method fieldQuotation - Requests
74As a quotator I would like the delete of a supplier lane via the supplier lanes to workQuotation - Requests
75As a Quotator i would like to have an extra column into the supplier lanes so that i know what the last update wasQuotation - Requests
76Supplier Lane Calculation Method - translate also the LOV title and 'Calculation Method' 'columnQuotation - Requests
77Multi Stop Routing Activities - when deleting an extra stop the message "..cannot delete because of pending records in Activity Good is raised"Quotation - Requests
78As a Quotator i would like to nearow down agreements based on the shipping options so that i don't find to many contracts/ lanesQuotation - Requests
79As a Quotator i would like to integrate the BlackList into the Select supplier / Quotation requestQuotation - Requests
80As a quotator i would like the registrate the product groups in the supplier lanes so that i can use this as a matching for the quote requestQuotation - Requests
81Quotation Request IR - cannot make a good filter on expire date/timeQuotation - Requests
82As a quotator i would like the option to say if a calculation method is used for a specific contractQuotation - Requests
83As a Quotator i would like the option for a supplier to maintain his lanesQuotation - Requests
84As a quotator i would like to see the route thats driven when sending out the Quotation requestQuotation - Requests
85As a Forwarder i would like to setup a rule how the default expire date will be calculated so that it will not be in the pastedQuotation - Requests
86Upgrade Quotation Request Document to show the goodsQuotation - Requests
87As a Quotator i would like a new menu option Supplier Lane Audits so that i know who audit what and whenQuotation - Requests
88As a Quotator i would like to see an extra document into my portal/ quotation out screenQuotation - Requests
89As a quotator i would like to see what documents i have added to a Quotation requestQuotation - Requests
90Quotation Request PDF - LDM prompt is missingQuotation - Requests
91change process 'hand over responsible person' to Change Responsible PersonQuotation - Requests
92Audit supplier lanes: Add extra ':' between label and valueQuotation - Requests
93Small changes to Quotation Request documentQuotation - Requests
94As a Quotator i would like a Quotation Request over view so that i can send this to my customerQuotation - Requests
95As a Quotator i would like better information when selecting a supplierQuotation - Requests
96As a Quotator i would like to upgrade the good information for Multi Stops Quotations (Requests)Quotation - Requests
97As a Quotator we would like to change the select supplier screenQuotation - Requests
98As a Quotator i would like to integrate the Preferred Supplier into the Select supplier / Quotation requestQuotation - Requests
99As a Quotator i would like an extra notification when a request has expired but and no selection is done yetQuotation - Requests
100As a Quotator i would like to have extra audits on my supplier lanes so that i know who changed whatQuotation - Requests
101As a Quotator i would like my supplier to give alternative prices on 1 request so that i can have more optionsQuotation - Requests
102As a Quotator i would like to get better information on the Quotation Confirmation to the selected supplierQuotation - Requests
103As a Quotator i would like the registrate an Preferred List for specific suppliers lanes per customerQuotation - Requests
104As a quotator we would like to show the quotation overview more then 4 stopsQuotation - Requests
105As a Quotator i would like the remark to be shown in the documents for a quotation request/confirmationQuotation - Requests
106As a Quotator i would like a to had a select /deselect all button when selecting the suppliers to send the quotation request toQuotation - Requests
107As a Quotator i would like the QTY of the load unit to be shown when sending a Quotation reuqestQuotation - Requests
108Quotation Request Lost/Cancel email should have the same Email From as the Quotation Request emailQuotation - Requests
109Rewrite Selenium Test: Combine Quotation RequestsQuotation - Requests
110When a Quotator has no routing selected and the route is set to accepted we want an error messsageQuotation - Requests
111As a Administrator i would like to setup a responsable person per relationRelation Management - Customer
112As a CRM user i would like to have some general information in my product overview so that i have better informationRelation Management - Customer
113We would like to have Trucking Types to fill into the quotation and be found by a contractQuotation
114As a Quotator i would like a BlackList to define what supplier may not go to a customerTransportation - Contract
115Close Incident modal page should have incident number in titleTransportation - Incident
116Change button name of select supplier to change supplier on close incident pageTransportation - Incident
117As a planner i would like the system to also plan the supplier when generating costs on a tripTransportation - Transporting
118When copying / inserting a dossier the distance calculation is not done automatically for the transport orderTransportation - Transporting
119When Generate Cost for Trip with Distance 0, it will give ORA errorTransportation - Transporting
120When using process Edit Order on a Transport Order, it will generate a Transport Order To DoTransportation - Transporting
121When creating a dossier the reference own is not copied to its trucking orderTransportation - Trucking
122Change routing plugin to show goods OK for trucking ordersTransportation - Trucking
123As an internal user I want to have a notification when a web portal dossier is hand overWeb Portal
124Create Web Portal user - make page items "First Name" and "Name" mandatory on the pageWeb Portal
125Create Web Portal User - use the language of the related RelationWeb Portal

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