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Release date: 17th of December 2017    We're pleased to present Adaption 6.1

Please, find below an overview of changes we made in Adaption. The most important changes are described. In the "All new features and improvements" part all single changes are listed.

Some highlights:

  • More possible scenario's for Forwarding
  • Rating Module improvements
  • Extra functionalities in Warehouse Management
  • All kind of customer requests and other improvements
  • Automatic test cases for all new functionalities
  • Upgrade of the Application Server to keep up with the latest performance and security standards

If you have any questions or remarks, please, let us know. Together with you we can make the best of it!

The Adaption Team

Planning: Release 6.2 on the 15th of April 2018

Some highlights:

  • standard Transport Order interface
  • Financial interface to Account View
  • Extended Multi Order functionalities
  • Quotator improvements, like the Quote in 1 minute

  Follow us to keep up-to-date with the latest developments of Adaption and the Logistics Cloud Suite.







Pietwillem Overvoorde
Direct contact: +31 (0)6 20857214

Specialist logistieke software
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Specialist logistics software
Please contact us for free advice 





To make bulk calculations for routings much more quicker we introduced the Preferred supplier in the Customer Lanes Routings.

When starting a Cost Calculation for a Quotation the calculator get a proposal with all matching Customer Lane Routings for this quotation, including the preferred suppliers. For all those combinations the Costs will be automatically calculated.

This makes Cost Calculation a fully automatic process. Maintain your contracts and your lanes and the cost calculation process will do the rest.



◘ Customer Lane Routings Door-to-Pier example



Supply Chain Control Tower


The Rating module has been extended to have even better information about your charters, subcontractors and vessel, rail and air carriers.

Price is important, but delivering on time and according the agreed terms and conditions is even more important, with the Rating module this can be quantified.


◘ Ratings



Incident module

The Incident module has been extended with all kind of dashboard widgets. This data is available in standard Graphics and it is also possible to download the data and make your own reporting.

◘ Incidents Dashboard

◘ Automatically generated Incident

◘ Process Incident



Freight / Forwarding / Transportation / Warehousing

To make it possible to handle all kind of multimodal transport scenarios in 1 screen we have created a new Layout for the Dossier (=Order Management) screen.

Now it's possible to handling all kind of scenario's in the Multi Order screen e.g.:

  • Trucking - Rail - Barge- Trucking
  • Transport - Air - Transport
  • Trucking - Vessel
  • ... and many more ...


some improvement are made in the Warehouse Management module, like a better overview of the available free spaces and better overview of stock levels per product.

We also integrated the Incident module in the Transport modules. It's now possible to configure Incident creation when Actual dates are not according planning. Those incidents can be handled via a Workflow and are included in the management reporting overviews



◘ Multiple Orders



Maintenance & Repair

In the last period we made the last preparations to go live with the Maintenance & Repair module. The LIVE version is now integrated in the HOYER environment. Master data and Tariff data has been uploaded.

The first users will be in China.


New functionalities are mainly in the area of Management Reports:

  • Reductions Overview
  • Off Hire Overview
  • Region Estimates Overview


Other extra functionalites are the Partly Approval process and Copy Estimate.



◘ Maintenance & Repair - Reductions Overview




We implemented an automatic invoicing module for the license fees of our Logistics Cloud Suite customers. At the end of the month those invoices will be automatically generated, which means more efficiency and correct invoicing. Depending on the agreement we can generate invoices based on active users, portal users, orders and invoiced orders

We use same the Contract, Calculation and Finance modules, which are also used in the Quotator, the Maintenance Repair application and the Logistics modules.


◘ License Order



Other functionalities



ADR 2017

We have made our Product database ready for ADR 2017.

New rules for carriage dangerous goods by road (ADR 2017)

26 January 2017

This article discusses the most significant changes to the 2017 European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR 2017).
On 1 January 2017, the transport of dangerous goods by road, annexes A and B of ADR 2017 was adopted, however, the transitional measures provided in ADR allow ADR 2015 to be used until the 30 June 2017.
Some of the most significant changes concern Lithium batteries and the use of flexible bulk containers. There is a new lithium battery mark for lithium cells and batteries meeting the provisions of SP 188. The new BK3 code allows the use of flexible bulk containers (Croner-i, 1 December 2016).
Click here for the full article.
Click here for the ADR 2017 files.


To Do Functionality

The general To Do functionality has been upgraded. The following improvements are made:

  • the execute To Do page has now all Email information listed, see print screen.
  • it's possible to define a From Email address per document, Send To relation, person, etc...
  • Additional information can be added before sending the email




We delivered improvements and extra data possibilities to the Dossier Upload in this release.

also the regeneration options are extended. In most cases it's possible to rollback an upload run.

A nice extra feature is the automatic recognition of the tag separator. The program automatically identifies if it is a 'comma' or  'semicolon'.


◘ File Uploader Widget




Software Quality


Automatic Testing

We are testing our programs automatically. In this part you see the number of test cases which are running. Goal is to have all processes automatically tested. New functionalities and reported bugs will always be included in an automatic test case by extending an existing test case or making a new test case. With this overview we want to inform about the number of test cases we are running. It's a strategic choice to give this Automatic Testing our full attention. As our application is expanding and expanding it's impossible to test all different possibilities by hand and guarantee the quality our customers expect from us.

◘ Example of Test Case (partly)



All new features and improvements

1Calculator - small layout issuesCalculator
2Contract Upload - double ledger gives exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows errorConnectivity - Connector
3EDI Definition: the customer is not copied to the transport contractConnectivity - Connector
4The EDI module should auto correct the TAG separatorConnectivity - Connector
5Dossier upload is not working for layout order listConnectivity - Dossier Upload
6Clean up EDI data gives error when a Surcharge is created during generationConnectivity - Transporting
7The poll customs status notification needs some extra informationCustoms - Declaration
8Add a way to count the number of Quotation Request Out per month for billingFinance
9Generate revenue needs some improvementsFinance
10As a Forwarder / Quotation user i would like to have a prefferd supplier in my customer lanesForwarding
11Internal remark on a Dossier is not editable when a dossier has status closedForwarding
12Implement selenium test case that checks if the manual To Do's are generated when a workflow is setupForwarding
13Implement the selenium Test case for: Status of Dossier stays Blocked when changing the Customer Invoice to a non-blocked Customer InvoiceForwarding
14As a Forwarder i would like to rate my suppliers so that i know what good and or bad job they didForwarding
15Extend To Do screen with extra information which can be updated by userForwarding
16We need to make it possible to have Multi duplicate order types part 1 (without Warehousing)Forwarding
17We want to make the currently used execute immediate statements to be changed into PLSQLFramework - Security
18We would like to make the overlay, used to avoid duplicate submissions, look nicer.Framework - Security
19Implement selenium test case for: Add logic to agreement type setup to allow only the same (order) estimate typesMaintenance and Repair - Contracts
20Update selenium test case for M&R Process Approve AllMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
21Implement selenium test case that tests the Reductions Overview screenMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
22Implement selenium test case that tests the Off Hires screenMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
23As a M&R user i would like to have some Management information from the applicationMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
24As a Dangerous Goods Forwarder i would like to upgrade to the ADR 2017 dataMaster Data - ADR
25Implement Selenium test for testing distance calculation on a transport orderMaster Data - Distance
26Show duration of distance calculation with leading zeroMaster Data - Distance
27Add filters on product page for better finding of productsMaster Data - Product
28As a Forwarder i would like the check on relation product differntlyForwarding
29Email Group - add 3 columns with listaggs (person and email) for To / Cc / BccMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
30Remove hardcoded strings for APP_TODO_TYPEMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
31Implement Selenium to test:creating Manual Defined TodoMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
32Implement Selenium test case for: Use of Up and Down button of To Do IR recordsMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
33Implement Selenium test case for: Setting Reminder Date in Defined To DoMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
34Implement Selenium test case for: Add Line Before of To DoMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
35Create todo in ToDo childtab allows user to select all ToDo'sMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
36Copy Printer Defined Todo constraint Number of Copies and Save PDF or reportMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
37Update selenium test for: As an Manager i would like to Decline multiple Approved Hours in one goProject
38As an HR user i would like to receive information when contract expires so that i know this in adavanceProject
39change sorting of sales lines in quotationQuotation
40Copy Quotation via Copy-button - it's not possible to change the load unitQuotation
41Quotation Routings - used Suppliers are not visible in the Routings IR ListQuotation
42As a Quotation user i would like to generate a contract from my quotation so a customer can find this agreementQuotation
43generate purchase on Quote routing will not show select supplierQuotation
44Speed entry page for CRM Prospect registration and follow upRelation Management - Customer
45Extend Contacts IR with Language and address details of related RelationRelation Management - Customer
46Add the option to set a default relation invoice for a relationRelation Management - Customer
47Change menu position for Relation Product Sales Overview Relation Management - Customer
48As a Retail user i would like to make an easier way to create a Sales OrderRetail
49Upgrade Selenium test case to test favorie adding worksSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
50Implement selenium test case that tests the Estimates Overview screenMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
51Implement Selenium test for testing the Cost Breakdown on a TripSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
52Create a Selenium test case for EDI Definition IN / OUTSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
53Adaption-003 Financial DashboardSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
54Create Selenium test case to check generating cost on Crossdock WarehouseSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
55We want to change the way we uses PER in a agreementCustoms - Contract
56Agreement IR list - add Unit and Container Types to listTransportation - Contract
57Calculation of trip costs shows loading meters on calc overview but does not have this in the tripTransportation - Transporting
58we want the option to send the transport booking to a charter companyTransportation - Transporting
59Create Incident for Transport if planned date/time is changedTransportation - Transporting
60Transport Order Modal page - City is mandatory when zipcode is enteredTransportation - Transporting
61Document IR Page - layout issueUserfriendliness
62check app edi targets column typesConnectivity - Transporting
63As a User i would like to get a better way of mailing through the appliactionUserfriendliness
64Calculator - shows loader when pressing on calc distanceUserfriendliness
65Workflow To Do - improvementsUserfriendliness
66Select HU on Warehouse Order should be removedWarehousing
67As a warehouse user i would like the the transfering of mixed pallet goods to be improvedWarehousing
68As a Warehouse user i would like to have the function to Move mixed handling units so that i can easily change the setup of a mixed palletWarehousing
69As a Warehouse user i would like to have a better overview of storage Qty and empty / full locationsWarehousing
70Web Portal: In stock overview filter on productWeb Portal

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