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Release date: 17th of September 2017

We're pleased to present Adaption 6.0

Please, find below an overview of changes we made in Adaption. The most important changes are described. In the "All new features and improvements" part all single changes are listed.

If you have any questions or remarks, please, let us know. Together with you we can make the best of it!

The Adaption Team

Planning: Release 6.1 on 17th of December 2017

Some highlights:

  • Extra functionalities in Warehouse Management
  • More possible scenario's for Forwarding
  • All kind of customer requests and other improvements
  • Automatic test cases for all new functionalities
  • Upgrade of the Application Server to keep up with the latest performance and security standards






Pietwillem Overvoorde
Direct contact: +31 (0)6 20857214

Specialist logistieke software
Neem contact op voor gratis advies

Specialist logistics software
Please contact us for free advice 



New User Interface

We made a big change in the user experience by converting all our applications to Universal Theme. The Universal Theme is the new user interface (UI) standard of Oracle Apex.

Our policy is to follow the standards and latest releases of our technical partners to be future proof and have the latest security updates. Expect many technical advantages we think this new UI will also improve the user experience.

The main advantages are:

  • Responsive Design: we made the application ready for using it on any device. Of Course is screen size a limitation, but most of the data can be viewed. In the coming releases we will make more and more pages usable for smartphones
  • Theme RollerA tool to roll out new themes for the application. This will allow to quickly and efficiently roll out new themes for the application.
  • Modern look & feel: new buttons, icons and many more

More information about the advantages and possible features can be found on the Oracle Apex website. Get more info about Universal Theme

During the development period we also upgraded to Oracle Apex 5.1. Oracle Apex enables us to design, develop and deploy our Adaption applications. Are you interested in the more technical related details, please, have a look at the Oracle Apex website for the new Features in Release 5.1 .

◘ New Look & Feel

Impression of new User Interface



In this release we focussed on integrating the quotation module with other modules.

Generate a Dossier from a Quotation

It's now possible to generate a Dossier from a Quotation when the quotation is accepted by the customer. This process uses the Quotation data which can be enhanced by specific Dossier data during the process. In this way the quotation automatically flows from the sales department to operations.

Generate a Sales contract from a Quotation

Another handy functionality is to convert a quotation into a sales contract. When running this process the user can enhance the Quotation data with data like validity period, external reference, extra interval tariffs to make it a sales contract. The quotation data can be used when making next quotations.

Chargeable Weight

In the Quotation page we made it more easy to use the Chargeable Weight. The Chargeable weight is now automatically determined via the Main modality of the used scenario's in the Routings and is shown in the Quotation form. In this way it's directly visible what is charged to the customer.


◘ Chargeable Weight example

Quotation Request

When sending out a Quotation Request it's also possible to email a PDF document with the Quotation Request information. The PDF is stored below the Quotation Request data, both visible for normal users as the Portal users. As all other documents, the report is multilingual.

Another improvement is made in the Quotation Request logic in the Quotations. It's possible to use the Quotation Request to use spot prices in the routing calculations. The calculation user can request spot prices for the routings he is calculating. In the previous versions he had to send a request for every routing. in this release the system is smart enough to only make 1 request which can be used for multiple calculations.

◘ Quotation integration with Contracts and Dossier



◘ Quotation Request for multiple calculations



Supply Chain Control Tower


The Scenario logic in Dossiers is extended with the Manual Workflow. In a Manual workflow you can define a set of To Do's which must be done for a certain dossier. A Manual Workflow is linked to a Master Scenario, so it's possible to define different Workflow scenario's. For example a Door-to-Door Air can have other manual To Do's as a Transport Collect-Deliver scenario.

When creating a Dossier those Manual To Do's are automatically created. The user can set them manually to Done. Those Manaul ToDo have the same functionalities as the other To Do's, like:

  • Status flow
  • Audit trail
  • Assign to a person

New functionalities are:

  • Reminder date: it's possible to define a Reminder. The user will get a Notification that a To Do will expire at a certain date/time.
  • Snooze: when a Reminder is send, the user can snooze this Reminder for x minutes
  • Blocking previous To Do's: it's possible to define Blocked By ToDo's


◘ List of Manual To Do's

◘ Example of Reminder for a manual To Do

Supplier Portal

We made a lot of improvements to the Supplier Portal. The portal can be used by the suppliers, like charters and subcontractors.

The main functionalities are:

* All Supplier Orders

  • Visibility of transport of trucking orders to be executed by the supplier
  • Access to all related PDF documents like Transport Orders and invoices
  • Add documents to transport and trucking orders
    • CMR
    • Invoice
    • Other
  • Tracking & tracing: maintain planned and actual dates and times
  • Maintain actual goods information

* Quotation Request Out

  • Quotation request overview (new requests and history)
  • Access to all related PDF documents like Quotation Request and Quotation Confirmation
  • Possibility to fill in the tariffs for requests and send the back to the Requester

* Invoices

  • Overview of all invoices, including PDF documents


◘ Drop Invoice, CMRs and other documents

Customer Portal

The customer Portal users have access to the following information:

  • Dosser Overview
  • Stock Overview
  • Invoices

Change Owner

In the new release we added the functionality to change the owner of the goods. As a normal user this functionality was already available. Before giving the portla users access to this process we build in some limitations:

  • It's only possible to select a limited group of relations
  • User can only do the Pre Release step
    • no updating of locations
    • no changing dates (transfer date, best before date)
    • no printing pre-release report
  • It must be possible to do a partial transfer, e.g. change the owner of 2 of the 10 pallets of a Handling Unit



Freight / Forwarding / Transportation

No major changes in this part of the application. We changed the following parts:

  • Improvements in the Trip module
  • Distance calculation
  • Cost Breakdown of costs over the related dossiers (see Connectivity)
  • Improvements in defining and finding Customer Lanes




Maintenance & Repair

As we are finalizing the Maintenance & Repair module there are not so many changes to be reported.

  • We have started to implement the 3D Container Layout functionality in the application of 1 of our clients.
  • The Approve All functionality is extended to be used also for Survey M&R orders
  • Management reports
    • Reduction Overview
    • Off Hires Overview
    • Region Estimates Overview

Not part of the Adaption product development, but interesting to know, we did the following Customer project activities:

  • Merged the M&R module in the TMS application, integrated with master data, contract module
  • integrate the M&R module within the customer's financial module
  • Started developing interface with Lucrasoft (Depot software)
  • Unit testing scripts

◘ 3D Layout - used for indicating which parts are damaged




Our Finance module is extended with intercompany functionality. If you have more legal entities which are part of the same Fiscal Entity we have made all kind of changes to make it easier to book invoices between those legal entities and to see an overall result of the Fiscal Entity.


  • Intercompany invoices are automatically booked in one go
  • Finance Dashboard shows all Finance data grouped on Fiscal Entity when wanted

Cost Breakdown

When planning multiple Transport Orders on a Trip the costs are now divided over the related orders using the distance as dividing factor. This means that the Dossiers have a correct Revenue and cost overview including a part of the Trip costs.

In the coming release we will make this totally configurable by introducing Cost Breakdown rules.

Other improvements

  • Intracommunity VAT overview is extended to make VAT declaration easier
  • VAT Tree improvement

◘ Management Reports on Fiscal Entity level



Other functionalities

Copy User

The Copy User process has been extended. This makes it a lot easier to create new users. The following data is defaulted in the Copy User page:

  • Language
  • IP Check
  • Checkboxes for Thousand Separator / Admin User/Show Complete Menu / Business Consultant / External
  • Password Policy
  • Relation Owners
  • Roles
  • Verified IP Addresses
  • Menu Favorites
  • Screen Filters
  • Dashboard Blocks (Widgets)
  • Process Page Favorites

During the Copy process the user can change the values, if needed.



Create Tenant Wizard

Not really interesting for existing customers, but interesting for Adaption Consultants. We made a process to quickly create an environment for a new customer. Technically we call such an environment a Tenant. The Tenant wizard advises the consultant which data must be setup to have a working tenant. The following data can be entered:

  • General Tenant data (like name, which applications to be used, country, language, default printer)
  • Admin User data
  • Business Modules / Modules
  • Data (currency, ADR, Cities, Sea Ports, Master Resource Types)
  • Parameters and values
  • Scenario's
  • Master Scenario's
  • Reports

◘ Create Tenant Wizard




We have extended our library of widgets with the File Uploader widget. This widget makes it easy to upload data files. Place this widget on the Home page and users can easily Drag & Drop files on it.


  • Update Dossiers: Customer (of customer) can login to the customer Portal and can drop a CSV file with Dossier update data. The system automatically updates the listed Dossiers with customer data
  • Payment upload: upload your payment data from your bank to check if invoices are paid



◘ File Uploader Widget




At the moment we have no open issues related to performance.

With our implemented monitoring tools we see that the performance has improved significantly since the previous release. In the graphic there is an example of opening the Dossier page. It's showing the MAXIMUM processing time on a day for all users.


◘ Performance monitoring





In our security module it is possible to define a list of IP addresses per users. If the IP Check is activated the user can only log in when he/she is working via 1 of the listed IP Addresses.

In this release we made it easier to maintain the list of valid IP addresses.

◘ Password policies are configurable to your own requirements



Software Quality

Automatic Testing

We are testing our programs automatically. In this part you see the number of test cases which are running. Goal is to have all processes automatically tested. New functionalities and reported bugs will always be included in an automatic test case by extending an existing test case or making a new test case. With this overview we want to inform about the number of test cases we are running. It's a strategic choice to give this Automatic Testing our full attention. As our application is expanding and expanding it's impossible to test all different possibilities by hand and guarantee the quality our customers expect from us.

◘ Per status the number of test cases for release 6.0 and release 5.3 (Release date 5.3: 18 june 2017)





◘ Explanation of statuses

NEWNew testcase is determined; will be described
REQUESTEDNew testcase is described; will be manually tested during TestWeek and implemented later
IN PROGRESSTestcase is being implemented; will be manually tested during TestWeek and implemented later
IMPLEMENTEDTestcase is ready and running; will be manually tested during TestWeek to make it HEALTHY
HEALTHYTestcase is running and approved
MANUALTestcase cannot be automated; will be manually tested during TestWeek


◘ Example of Test Case (partly)



All new features and improvements

1Modality is not used as input parameter on calculator pageCalculator
2We would like to have a way to simplify the data uploadingConnectivity - Connector
3AGS Interfaces gives error because of new feature of fitonConnectivity - Connector Customs
4When an webservice has an ACL error and the process is executed by a Process Job the job is not set to errorConnectivity - Connector Customs
5When an EDi Definition has columns that are not in the CSV, those are not show in the linesConnectivity - Dossier Upload
6As a USer i would like to have a better conversion of the dimensions when uploading a DossierConnectivity - Dossier Upload
7As a Fowarder i would like to extend the upload dossier logic to allow updating of existing dossiers, and let customers upload dataConnectivity - Dossier Upload
8Calculation of customs amount for excise goods for NCTS Departure is not correctCustoms - Declaration
9As a Forwarder i would like the function to removed Declared goods fron an outboundCustoms - Declaration
10Generate Debtor Creditor Overview - Printer Setup field shows idFinance
11Finance Dashboard - changing of Year executes 43 times an Ajax PluginFinance
12Printing Invoice - when no default printer defined the Process Job gets error and PDF is not generatedFinance
13Book Payment - Reference page field must have a max length of 60Finance
14Booking Period determination - get booking period of owner instead of book period of Fiscal Entity Finance
15Intercompany Credit Invoice - new revenue does not get type INTERCOMPANYFinance
16change the Amount fields to 2 digitsFinance
17make kit possible to select payment account for an Relation OwneFinance
18Intercompany Invoice process - make it possible to do this in 1 go without Cost ApprovalFinance
19Financial Dashboard - filter out intercompany Revs and Costs when Show Fiscal = YFinance
20add country code before vat number in Intracommunity performanceFinance
21Adaption-002 Book Cost and Upload PaymentsFinance
22Intercompany - link PDF of invoice also to the related Incoming Invoice of (cost) relation ownerFinance
23As a forwarder i would like to close a dossier without setting it to plan if it does not goes over a STORE warehouseForwarding
24Change vat tree so that EU customers will always get Zero rated VATForwarding
25As a finance person I don't want an alert when the quantity is less than start at but there's also a free quantityForwarding
26The invoice address of the warehouse order should be the same as in the dossierForwarding
27Status of Dossier stays Blocked when changing the Customer Invoice to a non-blocked Customer InvoiceForwarding
28As a Forwarder i would like to have a simple workflow in Dossiers so that i can registrate my workForwarding
29As a Forwarder i would like to have a Portal for suppliers to validate there workForwarding
30Create selenium test for supplier portalForwarding
31As a user i want to be able to search on & in a tokenizerFramework
32Action option Rows per page is not working as expectedFramework
33Convert select list to Adaption Super LOVFramework
34foreign characters are not propperly escaped when creating a document and not downloadable anymoreFramework
35As a developer I want a Tokenizer be hidden when 'Default Hidden' is YesFramework
36There needs to be a setup of App_Document_typesFramework
37page validation fires on close button in the copy user roles processFramework
38as a developer i would like to test the specfic LOV queries on the super LOV so that they are always in syncFramework
40We need a central place to manage the LOGIN IP AddresesFramework
41Only send login mail to active admin usersFramework
42Make it possible to choose description field in parameter overviewFramework
43when execute in queue is switched off in processes "Execute Todo In Processor" it still uses the queueFramework
44Password expired for TSE - but still possible to loginFramework
45Difference between date pickers in reportsFramework
46As Adaption we would like to merge to Apex 5.1 part 2Framework
47implement universal theme part 1Framework
48When a to do is send to a printer we still get a stickey message to download itFramework
49The new universal theme has some issue in Internet explorerFramework
50Sorting of the estimate list should be on the estimate IDMaintenance and Repair - Contracts
51Linked surcharge in the Estimate Line is never updated after initial creationMaintenance and Repair - Contracts
52Change the review all page when reviewing estimate type Consolidated YMaintenance and Repair - Contracts
53Add logic to agreement type setup to allow only the same (order) estimate typesMaintenance and Repair - Contracts
54Hide field Resources in a bulk estimate of type survey.Maintenance and Repair - Estimate
55ToDo's are not generated anymore in app200 - on estimate pagesMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
56when executing process create bulk estimate - don't allow Estimate Type of type consolidatedMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
57Estimate line of survey estimate - sometimes error in total amountMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
58Estimate can be saved without estimate type and depot in dateMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
59Drop old master data tablesMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
60Drop tables Repair Main Part and Repair Sub PartMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
61Implement Selenium Test Case for test the notifications of the estimatorMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
62Add App Resource Lay-out for filtering on location code(s) in Estimate LineMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
63Selenium Test M&R master data pages extra tabsMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
64For M&R master data pages we need more information on the various pagesMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
65As a M&R user i would like to have some Management information from the applicationMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
66The location selection of the 3D layout is not in sink in the Estimate LineMaintenance and Repair - Estimate
67As a User i would like to have a Copy User wizardMaster Data - Administration
68App ADR 1500 needs adjustmentMaster Data - ADR
69Improvements Distance CalculationsMaster Data - Distance
70When a user is setup as BC he see double Change Password optionMaster Data - Relation
71Create a on page error message when you cannot create an employee for an external userMaster Data - Relation
72If a Dutch user opens the location that has GEO codes he will not see any dataMaster Data - Relation
73Execute Multi To Do - show to many to do recordsMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
74Reopen To Do - there is no audit record createdMaster Data - Todo/Workflow
75Add extra APP_LANGUAGESMulti Language
76Add a table to make it possible to translate the APP_ACTIVITY_TYPESMulti Language
77Planbord is not working anymore ?Planning
78Acual Hours (child below Project jira) in Project jira Planning - add column Chargeable YNProject
79Timesheet Excel - add extra columns Charged (this month) and total ChargedProject
80As an Manager i would like to Decline multiple Approved Hours in one goProject
81Quotation Request Portal - no data found SQL errorQuotation
82Create Routing below Lane - Select Supplier ToDo must NOT be createdQuotation
83Routing below Lane - Copy via button gives an SQL errorQuotation
84Quotation Request Tool - part 2Quotation
85Error when saving a quotation with multiple handling units on volume number formatQuotation
86when a external user creates a quotation and all dates are blank use CREATION_DATEQuotation
87As a Quotation user i would like the Lumpsum option in select routing also to be available in single quotationsQuotation
88As a quotation user I don't want to scroll to read the Reset mouseover on Select RoutingQuotation
89Rename the TAB Selected Network Routings into Selected Customer LanesQuotation
90Chargeable weight should be visible in the quotation pageQuotation
91Update test 366 Generate Revenue on Quotation Routing of Multi QuoteQuotation
92As a Quotation user i would like to have a MAIN Modality typeQuotation
93We need to Selenium test the Genereate Revenue on quotation routingQuotation
94As a Quotation Requester i would like to combine requestsQuotation
95Selenium test case for generate purchase on multi quote, not running in backgroundQuotation
96Generate a Dossier from a QuotationQuotation
97As a Quotation user i would like to generate a contract from my quotation so a customer can find this agreementQuotation
98As a Quotator i would like the system to send out the Quotation Request as a PDF DocumentQuotation
99As a Supplier i want to have an Option to have default tariffs setup and terms & ConditionsQuotation - Requests
100Create code tester to check if each TABFORM has multi delete static IDSoftware Quality - CodeTester
101add codetester to check if all edit forms have a save before close check on itSoftware Quality - CodeTester
102Add Selenium test to check the create a LocationSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
103Upgrade Selenium test case #119Software Quality - Selenium Testing
104Add Selenium test to check the creation of a Defined To DoSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
105Extend Selenium Test Relation CheckSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
106Upgrade Selenium test case #260Software Quality - Selenium Testing
107Re-Implement selenium test case for : Create transport contract with agreements and activitiesSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
108Selenium Test case Quotation Request - Enter and decline a quotation requestSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
109Add Selenium test to check if we can create a Rental ContractSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
110Create a Selenium test case for CRP OUTSoftware Quality - Selenium Testing
111Insert Transport Agreement - ORA Message when filling in Per Unit without the Per QuantityTransportation - Contract
112Plan Activities - show the total Volume (like Total Weight)Transportation - Transporting
113Change Order Status (transport/ trucking) is showing values of quotationTransportation - Transporting
114Trip Page - when running e.g. the Plan Activities process always the following question is raised: Do you want to leave this site? Transportation - Transporting
115Exclude transport/trucking dossiers from Plan activities if there are no handling units attached to itTransportation - Transporting
116As a developer i would like to test the remaining changes of the trip functionalitiesTransportation - Transporting
117As a developer I would like the trip process to combine last activity and end resource activityTransportation - Transporting
118As a planner I would like to be able to only set possible plan/actual dates for a tripTransportation - Transporting
119As a planner i would like so improvements in the trip, so i have better informationTransportation - Transporting
120Split Trip costs down to dossierTransportation - Transporting
121Show PDF Equipment Order (TSE) - via the Process Page Favorite button is not workingTransportation - Trucking
122Trip IR is not filtered on Relation OwnerTransportation - Trucking
123make it possible to click on the compleet "block" to open and close extra HU informationUserfriendliness
124When creating the Customs Overview EDI Job register what the user has selectedUserfriendliness
125filter out all transfers from the Customs OverviewCustoms - Declaration
126Incident To Do IR - change columns + sorting for Default ReportWarehousing - Incident
127When an External Portal user logged in he shees all invoices of all relations Web Portal
128Creating a new user with the same name as an existing user gives an errorWeb Portal
129As a Forwarder i would like to make it possible to use Process "change owner" on the stock overview for external customersWeb Portal

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